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My name is Maarten Zeinstra, I have a background in software engineering, philosophy of technology, and intellectual property (copyright law). Most of my Wiki edits are on the english language Wikipedia. I mostly update or enhance articles related to the European copyright system. I'm also active on the Dutch Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

I have my own strategic information consultancy that deals with information management and intellectual property questions related to the public sector.

I have been chapter lead of Creative Commons Netherlands.

I am chair of the Open Nederland association.

Wikimedia related projects and publications 2009 -[edit]

I've done some professional work around Wikimedia. Some of these projects are described below.

Wikipedia Bootcamp (2011)[edit]

In January 2011 a collaboration between the Dutch project Images for the Future, The Amsterdam Museum, and Wikimedia Netherlands organized a Wikipedia bootcamp. During this Bootcamp we brought experienced editors of Wikipedia together with a group of about thirteen employees of Cultural Heritage Institutions to transfer knowledge and skills about editing pages on Wikipedia. The aim of the meeting was to make the employees more familiar with how Wikipedia works and what the community processes look like. This was done through a thorough introduction and a gradual workshop where the employees were asked to write articles, upload images and use them with the support of the experienced editors. The workshop resulted in a number of articles, but more importantly in a more thorough understanding of Wikipedia with the employees and a better understanding of the hurdles that cultural heritage institutions might encounter when editing the encyclopedia with the Wikipedia volunteers.

I was involved in organizing and coordination this event.

See also the Wikipedia project page on this here.

Wikimedia Hackathon (2011)[edit]

In January 2011 a collaboration between the Dutch project Images for the Future, The Amsterdam Museum, and Wikimedia Netherlands organized a Wikimedia hackathon. About 20 Wikimedia developers developed a wide range of interesting tools during the day and a half Hackathon.

The event was held in Kennisland's offices and I was involved as host and as organizer/coordinator of this event.

See also the Wikimedia project page on this here.

Europeana Hackathon (2011)[edit]

On April 1st and April 2nd I particpated in Europeana's first hackathon, where I teamed up with Multichill to develop a proof of concept Europeana->Wikimedia commons uploader.

A relevant blogpost can be found here

Note: I also work for Europeana where I give advice on its Copyright framework and I develop public domain calculators.

Report 'National Archive Joins Wikipedia' Effects[edit]

The Dutch National Archive made more than 1.000 photos of Dutch politician available to Wikimedia Commons in the Dutch Digitization project 'Images for the Future'. I've researched and written a report on the effects of this ingestion by Wikimedia.

The report can be found here (Dutch).

The second part of the report can be found here (Dutch).

I gave a presentation about these reports during the Dutch Wikimedia Conference 2012, slides can be found here (Dutch).

An english blogpost covering this report by GerardM can be found here

Wiki Loves Art Publication[edit]

Together with some of my colleagues at Kennisland I was currently working on a publication for the 2009 version of Wiki Loves Art/NL. A pdf version if this book is available here.

Public Domain Calculation - (2011-)[edit]

In may 2011 Kennisland and Institute for Information Right launched outofcopyright is a platform that will hold Public Domain Calculators for all jurisdictions in the European Union (+ Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland). The Public Domain Calculators answer the question of whether a certain work or other subject matter vested with copyright or neighbouring rights (related rights) has fallen into the public domain in a given jurisdiction. In order to determine the public domain status of a given piece of content, the Calculator corresponding to the country in which the status of protection is sought should be used. The ultimate aim of the Public Domain Calculators is to help with the effort of identifying public domain material in order to make it available on and offline across Europe.

I was lead developer and architect of the software and datastructure of this project. All software and research is open source/open content. I encourage you to try the tools and comment on them using my talk page.

My aim is to integrate this project into the wikimedia commons upload process to enable easy and referenced public domain determination.

In 2014 this was completely redeveloped

Tracking photographer ter Burg (2011-)[edit]

As a side project I set up a category with all photographs made by ter Burg and asked Magnus Manske to track that page in his Baglama tool: overview august 2012. ter Burg uses an unique business model with Creative Commons licenses at its core. I am interested how many views his works gets on Wikipedia to help him justify that model as well as to provide arguments for more photographers to do the same.

GLAMwiki Toolset project (2012-2013)[edit]

In September 2012 I started as a part-time senior developer/analyst at project funded by the Wikimedia chapters of the Netherlands, France and the UK. I will be investigating how to best facilitate mass uploading to the Commons. I will also wrote a research report on the needs and wants of GLAMs when it comes to GLAM-metrics. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this project.

The 'Report on requirements for usage and reuse statistics for GLAM content' can be found here.

A full project description can be found on Commons:GLAMToolset_project

GLAMwiki Conference (2015)[edit]

I've presented a panel at the GLAMwiki conference in Den Haag, the Netherlands about copyright and the public domain. see

NIOD Open data depot (2018)[edit]

I was a legal advisor and project partner to the NIOD Open Data Depot project. this included training and guiding the search of a collection of World War 2 media files that can be freely reused. My license confirmation documents (Dutch) were instrumental in registering permission.

Wikimedia_Commons_Data_Roundtripping / Swedish National Heritage Board (2018-2019)[edit]

I'm the researcher of the Wikimedia Commons Data Roundtripping Project. I wrote a research report on the requirements for an extraction tool for structured data on Commons. My research report can be found on here on Meta.

WikiConNL (2019)[edit]

I have a talk on the research done for the Wikimedia_Commons_Data_Roundtripping project and a talk on Open Nederland, an association for all that work on open in the Netherlands.