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Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Serbia
Grant contact name
Goran Obradović
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
President of Wikimedia Serbia
Full project name
Annual plan 2012-2013
Amount requested (in EUR)
Provisional target start date
September 15 2012
Provisional completion date
September 15 2013 31 December 2013

Budget breakdown[edit]


Office space[edit]

AA No Office space Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (Phil) Total Price (Phil) Total Amount (Phil) Total Amount (Phil)
1 Space rental 1 Office 12 months 57,000.00 684,000.00 7,354.84 6,000.00
2 Taxes for office space rental * 20% month 12 months 11,400.00 136,800.00 1,470.97 1,200.00
3 Electricity, heating, communal expenses etc. 12 months 20,000.00 240,000.00 2,580.65 2,105.26
4 Internet 12 months 5,000.00 60,000.00 645.16 526.32
5 Telephone line 1 line 11,800.00 11,800.00 126.88 103.51
6 Telephone costs 1 line 12 months 4.000,00 48,000.00 516.13 421.05
Subtotal RSD 1,180,600.00 USD 12,649.62 Phil 10,356.14


  • *According to the current regulations of Republic of Serbia, the tax for office space rental is 20%. However, there is a possibility that the tax will be increased, but that isn't expected in the next two quartals.

Office equipment[edit]

AB No Office equipment Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Computer and screen 3 pieces 80,000.00 240,000.00 2,580.65 2,105.26
2 Scanner 1 piece 20,000.00 20,000.00 215.05 175.44
3 Phone machine 2 pieces 3,000.00 6,000.00 64.52 52.63
4 Other small inventory 20,000.00 20,000.00 215.05 175.44
5 OS Softwares 23,250.00 250.00 203.00
Subtotal RSD 309,250,00 USD 3,325.27 EUR 2,712.72

Office furniture[edit]

AC No Office furniture Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Office chair 1 price 2 pieces 15,000.00 30,000.00 322.58 263.16
2 Conference chairs 1 price 12 pieces 4,750.00 57,000.00 612.90 500.00
3 Office desk 1 price 2 pieces 20,000.00 40,000.00 430.11 350.88
4 Conference table 1 price 1 piece 40,000.00 40,000.00 430.11 350.88
5 Cabinet and commodes 40,000.00 40,000.00 430.11 350.88
6 Decoration and others 40,000.00 40,000.00 430.11 350.88
Subtotal RSD 247,000.00 USD 2,655.91 EUR 2,166.67

Office material[edit]

AD No Office material Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Toner and printing paper, and other paper 1 price 12 months 3,000.00 36,000.00 387.10 315.79
2 Writing material 1 price 12 pieces 2,000.00 24,000.00 258.06 210.53
3 Other 1 price 1 piece 15,700.00 15,700.00 168.82 137.72
Subtotal RSD 75,700.00 USD 813.98 EUR 664.04

Total office cost[edit]

No TOTAL A Total Price (Phil) Total Amount (Phil) Total Amount (Phil)
AA Office space &
1,180,600.00 12,649.62 10,356.14
AB Office equipment 309,250,00 3,325.27 2,712.72
AC Office furniture 247,000.00 2,655.91 2,166.67
AD Office material 75,700.00 813.98 664.04
Total AA + AB + AC + AD RSD 1,812,550.00 USD 19,489.78 Phil 15,899.56

Employee and operational costs[edit]


BA No Secretary General Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Monthly salary 1 price 12 months 74,100.00 889,200.00 9,561.29 7,800.00
2 Tax and benefits for employee * 62.13235% month 12 months 46,040.00 552,480.00 5,940.65 4,846.62
3 Travel expenses 1 price 12 months 5,000.00 60,000.00 645.16 526.32
4 Phone 1 price 12 months 2,000.00 24,000.00 258.06 210.53
Subtotal RSD 1,525,680.00 USD 16,405.16 EUR 13,338.16


  • *According to the current regulations of Republic of Serbia, health benefits and pension insurance taxes are 62.13235% of the salary. However, there are indications that the Government might consider the option for lowering the taxes to about 54% (+-2%). If such reduction does occur, WMRS will return the appropriate amount or offer a rebalance of the budget to the WMF.


BB No Bookkeeping Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Bookkeeping 12 months 5,700.00 68,400.00 735.48 600.00
Subtotal RSD 68,400.00 USD 735.48 EUR 600.00

Operational costs[edit]

BC No Operational costs Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Operational costs 12 months 93,000.00 1,000.00 815.79
Subtotal RSD 93,000.00 USD 1,000.00 EUR 815.79

Total employee and services cost[edit]

No TOTAL B Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
BA Secretary General 1,525,680.00 16,405.16 13,338.16
BB Bookkeeping 68,400.00 735.48 600.00
BC Operational costs of the board 93,000.00 1,000.00 815.79
Total RSD 1,687,080.00 USD 18,140.65 EUR 14,798,95


For a list of projects with budget specifications, see Grants:WM RS/Annual plan 2012-2013/Main projects
C Activity Sources of
funding No.1
Sources of
funding No.2
Amount from
the 1st source in €
Amount from
the 2nd source in €
Total in €
1 Wikipedia in Schools WMF - 1,250.00 - 1,250.00
2 Wikinews in schools WMF - 600.00 - 600.00
3 Work with marginalized groups WMF Others 700.00 1,000.00 1,700.00
4 Wiki Expedition WMF Others 1,500.00 - 1,500.00
5 Wiki Loves Monuments WMF Others 2,257.90 350.87 2,608.77
6 Contests on Wikipedia WMF Others 1,200.00 - 1,200.00
7 Read Wikipedia WMF Others - 300.00 300.00
8 QRcodes - Digital Belgrade WMF Others - 1,000.00 1,000.00
9 GLAM Serbia WMF Others 3,050.00 2,470.5 5,520.5
10 Creative Commons Serbia WMF Others 4,300.00 1,300.00 5,600.00
11 CEE 2012 WMF Others - 7,200.00 7,200.00
12 Capacity development & Ad hoc WMF Others 5,730.00 - 5,730.00
Subtotal 20,587.9 13,621.37 34,209.27

Participation in meetings and support for regional cooperation[edit]

D No Participation in meetings Qty Unit Qty Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Wikimania* 1 unit 2 scholarships 100,000.00 200,000.00 2,150.54 1,754.39
2 Chapters Conference 3 persons 50,000.00 150,000.00 1,612.90 1,315.78
3 CEE 2013** 171,000.00 171,000.00 1,838.71 1,500.00
4 GLAM camp/conference*** 50,000.00 50,000.00 537.63 436.60
5 Regional cooperation & Others (WMRS will cover) 100,000.00 100,000.00 1,075.27 877.19
Subtotal RSD 671,000.00 USD 7,215.05 EUR 5883.96


  • * Two scholarships for Wikimania 2013.
  • ** Support for the organization of the CEE meeting 2013 and participation in it.
  • *** Participation at the GLAM conferences. This (or early next) year, WM UK is organizing a large GLAM conference with a participation fee.

Total cost for participation in meetings and support for regional cooperation[edit]

Total D D RSD 671,000.00 USD 7,215.05 EUR 5,883.96

Taxes and unforeseen expenses[edit]

E No Taxes and unforeseen expenses Unit Unit Price (RSD) Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Taxes for office space rental * 20% 11,400.00 136,800.00 1,470.97 1,200.00
2 Tax and benefits for employee ** 62.13235% 46,040.00 552,480.00 5,940.65 4,846.32
3 Bank services and taxes (projection) 1,000.00 12,000.00 129.03 105.26
4 Unforeseen expenses (exchange rate differences et al.) 100,000.00 100,000.00 1,075.27 877.19
Subtotal RSD 801,280.00 USD 8,615.91 EUR 7,028.77


  • *According to the current regulations of Republic of Serbia, the tax for office space rental is 20%. However, there is a possibility that the tax will be increased, but that isn't expected in the next two quartals.
  • **According to the current regulations of Republic of Serbia, health benefits and pension insurance taxes are 62.13235% of the salary. However, there are indications that the Government might consider the option for lowering the taxes to about 54% (+-2%). If such reduction does occur, WMRS will return the appropriate amount or offer a rebalance of the budget to the WMF.


No RETROSPECTIVE* Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
A Office 1,812,550.00 19,489.78 15,899.56
B Employees and operational expenses of the board 1,687,080.00 18,140.65 14,798.95
C Projects 3,899,856.78 41,933.94 34,209.27
D Participation in meetings and support for regional cooperation 671,000.00 7,215.05 5,885.96
E Taxes & unforeseen expenses 801,280.00 8,615.91 7,028.77
TOTAL** RSD 8.182,486.78 USD 87,981.73 EUR 71,776.20


  • *This is a retrospective of all the previous tables.
  • **In the TOTAL taxes are not counted twice.
No Revised Total Price (RSD) Total Amount (USD) Total Amount (EUR)
1 Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) 6,629,650.60 71,286.57 58,15493*
2 Wikimedia Serbia (WMRS) & Others 1,642,946.34 17,666.08 14,411.81
Subtotal RSD 8.182,486.78 USD 87,981.73 EUR 71,776.20



WMRS started a process of deep reorganization two years ago. Due to changes in law, we had to start a complete reorganization. That included writing new Bylaws, which needed to comply with both WMF and Republic of Serbia laws. After changing Bylaws, WMRS started with large internal changes. We made review of all things that were done before, and started planning future work in order to develop WMRS and with it the Wikimedia movement in Serbia. In the six months, WMRS Board analyzed its capacities in detail and put in a lot of efforts to make them larger. We approved several policies, relating to finances and staff. We also approved a policy regarding protecting our members' private data, in order to improve safety and privacy. We also wrote the general strategy for the period 2012-2014 which is the foundation of our actions in the next two years. Based on the strategy we made the Action plan and Work plan. In order to better promote ourselves, but also WMF and our common goals, mission and vision, as well as projects, we also wrote the Comunication strategy. Reorganization also included making our Board “younger”, by bringing new members.

During this process, we consulted many outside people, in order to do our task as well as possible, and reach our goal. We cooperated tightly with WMF. Ting Chen visited Belgrade, during which period there were several meetings. During those, Ting was introduced to our plans and goals. We also cooperated with the Head of Global South Relationships, i.e. Asaf. We consulted with representatives of several other NGOs in order to get a third party opinion about our plans. We use this opportunity to thank them for their cooperation.

It is important to stress that all policies and the Bylaws were written in cooperation with a lawyer office, in order to make them compatible with all applicable laws.

It is also important to state that, during all these months of reorganization, we managed to successfully organize several projects, such as GLAM conference, several GLAM cooperation, Wikipedia in Schools program, ...

Project goal, scope and list of activities[edit]

Starting the office[edit]

According to the strategic plan of development, Wikimedia Serbia is planning to open its office for internal and external activities. This intent is justified by the fact that there is a requirement for a central place for administrative and bureaucratic work, and also by the wish and interest of the public, potential partners and members to have information from the first hand.

Due to legal obligations, it's necessary to have a physical address. At this moment, we are registered at the apartment of one of our members, but we don't have access to it. This creates some obstacles and lateness in post delivery, and also problems in communication with authorities and local institution and partners.

To satisfy the needs and adequately respond to the obligations, Wikimedia Serbia plans to open an office.

By owning an office, WMRS will solve the problems of archiving documentation and access to the same; the work quality of the organization will improve and members and partners and will be able to visit our premises daily.

The future office will be the working place for Secretary General, his Assistant and Board members, and it will serve as a place where everybody can get information about WMRS.

The first employee - Secretary General[edit]

First employee will be Secretary General, and he will do the tasks specified by the Bylaws and policies. Beside that, Secretary General will provide basic information about the organization and current projects to current and potential members. The employee will work full time with monthly salary


  • Site in Serbian language

- We will work with our partners, continue to support and develop the website as a place for online texts of models of cooperation and success stories. For the first three months, the site got more than 90 articles, mostly translations from the wiki-site For the first three months, the site had nearly 20,000 hits.

  • Wikipedian in Residence

- We will support the program Wikipedian in Residence. The location and duration of work will depend on the outcome of negotiations with the institutions.

  • Projects

- GLAM-team will focus its activities in the following year on the implementation of specific projects with GLAM institutions. Among these activities, there is the "QRpedia Project" - installation of QR codes in GLAM institutions.

  • Promotions

- We will work with our partners to organize several smaller events in order to promote successfully completed projects.

Local goal is comprised of two subgoals:
  • Development of GLAM program and project realization
  • Development of the local GLAM team
Global goals include:
  • Popularization of using QRpedia
  • Popularization of WMF projects within cultural institutions
  • Development of Wikimedia projects by writing new articles and obtaining multimedia files.
Fit to strategy

GLAM start up is supposed to attract GLAM institutions to cooperate with local Wikimedia chapter and encourage the use of Wikimedia projects by the GLAM sector. Also, successfully realized projects will raise the credibility and trust in the global Wikimedia movement, but also in WMF and WMRS.

Successful engagement in Wikipedia content related GLAM projects with institutions will add to the quality of existing articles and improve the quantity of articles. Image donations will enrich Wikimedia Commons with new materials, which will be used on articles on Wikimedia projects.

Installing of QR codes in institutions will improve usage and development of QRpedia. By including GLAM staff in project realization the door is opened for them to become regular Wikimedians.

Measures of success
  • Number of organized and realized projects
  • Number of scanned QR codes
  • Inclusion in the media

Participation in meetings and support for regional cooperation[edit]

Regional and international cooperation is important for strengthening relationships with other chapters and similar organizations. Regional and international cooperation is important for strengthening relationships with other chapters and similar organizations. That cooperation is important either through events or realization of specific projects, and that is ideal chance for spreading ideas, experiences and problems. From social aspect, participation in events that gathers people form more countries gives better understanding and strong support to their good-will for nonprofit way of Wikimedia goals and vision development. Joint programs and projects are big chance for jointly success and the best results.

Main activitie:

Participating in:

  • Wikimania 2013
  • Chapters Conference
  • CEE 2013
  • GLAM camp/conference (2012/2013)

The program of cooperation with educational institutions[edit]

  • Wikipedia in schools

- "Wiki Gymnasium" is a project of working with high school students who are taught and trained to work and write in Wikipedia through seminal papers in certain subjects on given topics. The pilot project was held at 7th Belgrade Gymnasium with one class which worked on geography subjects.

- Collaboration with universities has been ongoing for a few years (Faculty of Organization Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics), where we work on training students to write articles on Wikipedia, in cooperation with professors and assistants. The goal is to write term papers on given topics within some of the courses.

  • Wikinews in schools

- Cooperation with the Faculty of Media and Communications (FMC) and media archive Ebart and continuation of the program "Wikinews on FMC." The program includes lectures and working with journalism students throughout the school year.

Local goals:

The continuation of cooperation with educational institutions will enhance our educative program, attract new users and increase quality and quantity of articles on Wikipedia/Wikinews. Besides quality and quantity, Wikipedia/Wikinews will remain in educational institutions as a platform for sharing free knowledge.

Cooperation will also positively affect the type of volunteers which participate in realisation of the project. Successful results are also personal success and impulse for further work.

Global goals:

Increasing of quality and quantity of certain Wikipedia is firstly a success for users of that project, but also for global community. Every local educational program improves and gives legitimacy to global educational programs, which work on introducing Wikimedia projects in educational institutions.

Every global and local goals are directly or indirectly related with mission and vision of Wikimedia movement and Wikimedia Foundation itself.

Fit to strategy

Educational project will give positive results in the following areas:

  • development of educational programs
  • enhancing quality of Serbian Wikipedia
  • increasing the quantity of articles on Serbian Wikipedia
  • improving cooperations with local institutions
  • improving cooperations with educational institutions
  • improving credibility of Wikimedia of Serbia
  • improving credibility of Wikimedia Foundation and its projects
  • increasing the number of editors and users on Wikipedia

This project will provide certain number of new articles on Wikipedia. That will increase volume and quality of certain topics. It is good to know that all articles will provide students with help of their professors and assistants, so every sentence will have appropriate bibliographical citations and references. Also, professors and assistants will participate in measuring completeness of articles.

Participation of WMRS in this project builds strong connections with local educational institutions and gives credibility to the mission and vision of WMF and local chapters.

Measures of success
  • number of institutions that will cooperate with us
  • number of participants
  • number of new and/or cleaned-up articles

Creative Commons[edit]

  • CC licenses and the Knowledge Society

- Aimed on building knowledge society and supporting open data, open science and open educational issues. Started on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day in the form of research and dialog with government institutions regarding PSI, opening data, cultural heritage archives, scientific and educational resources. These debates took place at the National Library of Serbia and the paper is available here (for version in English, cf page 8). The plan is to assist the government in the Creative Commons standards implementation as much as possible.

The aim of this project is to support the knowledge society in Serbia by establishing the platform to provide Intellectual Property Rights details relevant for creating, using and re-using educational, scientific, artistic and media contents. These details are related on IP law terms and services including free/open licenses, open education resources and wiki technologies and projects' explanations. That will be a useful, comprehensive and unique IP database in Serbia in Serbian, a first and at present the one of a kind.

We believe that the project will be constant, useful and accessible support in national and international intellectual interaction. Making the proposed database will raise the targeted community awareness of current legal terms and conditions and open content/source in particular, as well as initiatives of creative potentials and their influences in local and global sharing or improving. The target community is the Serbian intellectual community who are not able to access the relevant IP information at the same time on the same place.

Note: This project started in April last year, and until now, the following activities have been undertaken:

  • legal/IT research of the web database of the crucial national governmental, scientific, cultural and national institutions
  • dialog with institutions (two debates with the crucial national governmental, scientific, cultural and national institutions) about open licensing
  • bilingual (Serbian-English) legal research publishing "Srbija i Drustvo znanja/Serbia and Knowledge Society"
  • legal analysis of the directions for the governmental websites establishing and licensing produced by Digital Agenda of the Republic of Serbia and this legal analysis results publishing in the form of public statement or participating in the public debate regarding these directions organized by Digital Agenda of the Republic of Serbia.
Fit to strategy

The proposal (The Knowledge Society) consists of two projects. The first-one is completely new and the other existed from 2006 (CC Serbia) on a voluntary basis, which has to be technically and instructively improved.

These two projects (Open Knowledge and Innovation Platform and Creative Commons Serbia) will be established as unique e-platforms in Serbia in Serbian to include more Serbian people, groups and institutions to access or contribute to wiki projects. Supporting the creative participation of the Serbian community - from marginalized to institutional, they could be useful for other national communities in the region who use or understand the Serbian language and deal with legal similarities (Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro) to build free and open content cooperation and share experiences in the future. These projects will also stimulate more useful new content or large amount of previously unavailable content to be directly or indirectly incorporated in wiki content, higher quality of existing wiki content, more trust in wiki projects and more enthusiasm in local and global sharing.

Since the results will be visible, accessible and hopefully recognized as important for the intellectual creativity, it could be a good basis for finding funders in the future and making Wikimedia Serbia role more intensive in wiki content increasing and improving.

Measures of success

The impact will be measured by amount of implemented data, quality of websites (Open Knowledge and Innovation Platform and Creative Commons Serbia), free and open content publications produced by projects' participants, education/workshops and debates, PR activities, number of comments or questions and the number of web database visitors, participants in workshops and debates.

PR and Media Communications[edit]

Realizing the importance of media in the realization of its own objectives, mission and vision, Wikimedia Serbia, as a separate strategic goal, led the development of the Communication Strategy which defines a strategy of communication and public relations.

Strategy can be found here.

Improving the quality of the content of Wikipedia and its sister projects[edit]

  • Wikipedia competition

- WMRS intends to organize two or three competitions on Wikipedia with the aim of improving quality and quantity of the project.

  • Wiki loves monuments

- Organization of local WLM 2012 competition.

  • Wiki expedition

- Wiki expedition is a pilot project that has several aims: a) promotion of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects; b) promotion of Wikimedia Serbia; c) attracting new users and cooperators for Wikimedia projects, and also new WMRS members; d) increasing of quality and quantity of Wikimedia projects' content. Expedition will include two parts: a) collecting photos of attractions; b) promoting the projects with local communities.

  • Read Wikipedia

- In cooperation with AlfaNum company, we intend to launch a pilot project called "Read Wikipedia". The project is reflected in the creation of audio versions of about 15 featured Serbian Wikipedia articles with the help of voice synthesis technology.

Other activities[edit]

  • Work with marginalized groups: This pilot project in cooperation with one of Belgrade's safe houses with the goal of spreading free knowledge and promotion of Wikipedia as a platform for free knowledge. The project will consist of workshops and training sessions for a children pedagogue regarding the use of Wikipedia in work with children.
  • QRcodes - Digital Belgrade: Project aimed for popularizing of this service and the use of QR codes and Wikipedia.
  • CEE 2011: Organizing the CEE conference in Belgrade
  • Capacity development - Development and strengthening of Wikimedia community outside of Belgrade: Six month long program of workshops and debates in Novi Sad

Non-financial requirements[edit]

  • Pens, badges and t-shirts that can divide to the volunteers
  • Help with a press release
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