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Grants:PEG/Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 – Macedonia Organizing Team/Wiki Loves Monuments 2013

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2013-14. This is a grant to an organization.

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  • This project has been funded, completed, and a project report has been reviewed and accepted by WMF Staff.
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Basic information


Grant details


Project details

Official project name
Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 – Macedonia
Project start date (include month, day, and year)
15 August 2013
Project completion date (include month, day, and year)
15 November 2013
Please describe the project in 1–2 sentences
Organisation of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Macedonia

Financial details

Currency requested
Amount requested in currency requested
Equivalent amount in US$ on the date of this submission
List the exchange rate used to calculate the amount listed in US$
US$1.3034 per euro (quoted from ecb.int on 12 July 2013)

Grantee details


See the eligibility requirements for more information.

What is the official name of the organization requesting this grant?
Wikimedia Macedonia
Are you an organization, an individual, or an individual submitting on behalf of a group?
Are you a for-profit entity?
Are you able to provide local proof of nonprofit status within your country?
Does your organization currently employ any fulltime or part-time staff or contractors?
If you answered YES, please indicate how many. You may use fractions or percentages for part-time staff if appropriate.
If yes, please provide a list of their job functions, or a link to your organization's staff page, if it lists all employees and contractors employed or engaged by your organization.
Do not exist.

Contact information

Primary contact name
Snezhana Shtrkovska
Primary contact username or email
Primary contact title (position within the organization)
Board Member

If this project will be executed by someone other than the primary contact for your organization, please list that person's details here:

Project lead name
Kiril Simeonovski
Project lead username or email
Kiril Simeonovski
Project lead title (position), if any
Board Member

Goals and measures of success


Project goal


Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful.

Project goal
The implementation of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Macedonia has the following goals:
  • to increase the number of freely licensed photographs from the monuments and cultural heritage in Macedonia;
  • to promote the cultural heritage of Macedonia through the photographs uploaded during the competition;
  • to improve quality of content on the Wikimedia projects by providing images to the articles;
  • to support creation of new articles about monuments and cultural heritage in Macedonia;
  • to encourage active participation of photographs in the competition and simulate the creation of similar projects.

Measures of success


Please provide a list of measurable criteria that will be used determine how successful the project is. You will need to report on the success of the project according to these measures after the project is completed.

Measures of success
The success of the project will be measured through the following measures:
  • number of participants;
  • number of photographs uploaded;
  • number of monuments photographed.

Since this is the first year of the competition in Macedonia, we're not able to set numerical figures to measure the success of the project. However, the results will be used to set them in the future.

Project scope and activities


This section describes what will happen if this project is funded. Who will do what, and when?

List of activities
The activities that will be carried out to execute the project are as follows:
  • obtaining a domain and creating the project's official site (15-20 August);
  • creating and editing all the pages with the necessary information about the project (15-20 August);
  • constituting the jury for the competition (21-31 August);
  • promoting the competition through the use of social networks and photo-oriented web sites (21 August-30 September);
  • uploading of photographs on Wikimedia Commons (1-30 September);
  • evaluating the photographs uploaded to make the decision (1-15 October);
  • organising an event to award the winners of the competition (15-31 October);
  • submitting the best photographs to participate in the global competition (15 October-15 November);
  • evaluating the project and compiling the report (1-15 November).

Budget and resources


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here.

Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table
Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Posters posters with the logo and the awarded photographs m2 7 28 196 EUR[1] The posters with the official logo of the competition and the awarded photographs are due to be displayed during the Award ceremony
2 Pens decorated pens with the logo of the competition unit 100 0.15 15 EUR Pens will be delivered during the Award ceremony.
3 Notebooks decorated notebooks with the logo of the competition unit 50 0.70 35 EUR Notebooks will be delivered during the Award ceremony.
4 Name tags name tags for the organisers during the Award ceremony unit 15 0.25 3.75 EUR Name tags are reserved for the organisers of the project and the jury members during the Award ceremony.
5 Certificates certificates for the awarded photographs and jury members unit 20 0.5 10 EUR Certificates with the names of the awarded photographs and prizes will be delivered during the Award ceremony. Similarly, certificates will be given to the jury members for their participation.
6 T-shirts T-shirts with the logo of the competition unit 14 10 140 EUR The T-shirts are reserved for the organisers and the community members.
7 Catering catering served during the Award ceremony n/a n/a n/a 300 EUR The catering includes beverages, snacks and finger-food that will be served during the Award ceremony.
8 Prizes prizes for the best photographs and best contributors n/a n/a n/a 1,300 EUR Prizes will be awarded to the five best photographs (1st prize: €300; 2nd prize: €200; 3rd-5th prize: €100) and the five best contributors (€100 each).
9 Compensation for jury members compensation for the participation of jury members person 4 100 400 EUR The jury will consist of four members: two Wikimedians and two outsiders. All of the members selected will have to be experienced in photography.
10 Project management compensation for the organisers and their expertise for completing specific tasks n/a n/a n/a 1,500 EUR The compensation for the organisers is intended to pay for the time that they will have to spend out of work for the project. It also includes fees for some professional services that will be pursued to accomplish the project, such as: web hosting, web design, advertising and publicity. Some of the expenses omitted in the budget (e.g. transportation, telephone services and post services) that will be borne by the organisers also reflect slight increase in the total amount. Importantly, the amount also includes taxes.
10 Incidentals Expenses that are not projected in the budget but may still occur. n/a n/a n/a 100 EUR This item will be generally used to adjust the changes in prices if they occur or to cover some of the incidental expenses that are not anticipated but may later occur as necessary.
Total €3,999.75
Total cost of project
Total amount requested from the WMF Grants Program
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded
We're currently negotiating with other parties, who may also appoint funds to support the project.
  • ^  The amounts for the merchandising and promotional materials were initially estimated in denars (MKD). For the sake of clarity, euros (EUR, €) were introduced to unify the budget in a single currency. The amounts in euros were calculated with the exchange rate at 61.67 denars per euro as of 15 July 2013 (quoted from nbrm.mk).
  • ^  This is the minimum amount needed to execute the project. It may be risen if we get support from other sources, but any additional funds will be distributed to tweak the project in its current shape.

Non-financial requirements


See a description of nonfinancial assistance available. Please inform Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance



This section is optional. It may be used to highlight the potential grantee's potential for successfully executing this project.

Consider including the following information:

  • List of team members (names or usernames):
  • Onwiki evidence of community support (such as a project about this discussion):
  • Endorsements from community members or movement groups:
  • Special skills or qualifications this potential grantee or project lead brings to this project:
  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects:
Our team will consist of members from the local chapter and outsiders who will have to bring expertise. The project has already been discussed among the members of our community on a private mailing-list.



In the sections below, please describe how the project is related to the Wikimedia mission and Wikimedia's strategic priorities. The project is directly related to the Wikimedia mission and Wikimedia's strategic priorities, as it intends to increase the number of free content (specifically photographs) and promote some outreach activities.

Fit to strategy

How will this project support the key organizational objectives of
  • increasing reach (more people will access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
  • participation (more people actually contributing),
  • quality (more content, more useful content, or higher-quality content),
  • credibility (more trust in our projects),
  • organizational maturity and effectiveness (how it will move you or the Wikimedia community forward),
  • or financial sustainability (how it will help you achieve more in the long run)?
This statement should address at least one of the strategic priorities listed here specifically. See WMF Grants Program criteria for decisionmaking.
Wiki Loves Monuments can easily provide large amount of freely licensed photographs that can be used by the Wikimedians to improve the quality of articles on specific Wikimedia projects. It can also stimulate the community to generate content about the monuments that were photographed during the contest but were not represented with specific articles. The fact the photographs will have to upload their photographs on Wikimedia Commons increases the number of users contributing to this project and has the potential to increase the number of active editors overall. Since Wiki Loves Monuments opens up opportunities to promote the Wikimedia community in the country and support active participation of its members, it can benefit to increase professionalisation and effectiveness in the work done by the community members.


If the project will benefit a specific online community, please tell us.
This project will particularly benefit Wikimedia Commons, as the project intends to collect photographs that will be uploaded there. It can be also beneficial for the other Wikimedia projects, where the uploaded photographs can be used to improve the quality of content.
Please provide a brief statement about how the project is related to other work in the Wikimedia movement. For example, does the project fit into a work area such as GLAM, education, organizational development, editor retention, or outreach?
Wiki Loves Monuments is a project that is closely related to the GLAM programme and the call for participation in the competition can be considered a sort of outreach activity.
If successful, will the project have the potential to be replicated successfully by other individuals, groups, or organizations? Please explain how in 1–2 sentences.
The project is already being carried out in many other countries in the world on annual basis.
Please list other benefits to the movement here.
Some of the other benefits for the Wikimedia movement derived from this project are as follows:
  • the organisation of this contest has the potential to increase the media attention of Wikimedia Macedonia and its activities in the GLAM sector;
  • the project can also lead to some networking opportunities with other orgaisations and institutions;
  • the organisation of the project can be beneficial for the chapter by improving its project capacity and professionalisation;
  • the way it will be carried out in Macedonia can underline some practices that can contribute in its overall improvement.