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Wikimedia TN User Group/Wiki Loves Earth Tunisia 2015
Contest to improve and increase the available media of the natural heritage foreseen with a free license and at the same time creation of annexes or lists in Wikipedia in Tunisia of protected natural sites in Tunisia.
targetWikimedia Commons, and therefore indirectly all other Wikimedia projects using material from Wikimedia Commons, mainly Wikipedia and Wikivoyage — in every language, but mainly in languages spoken in the country.
strategic priorityAttract photographers (and possible editors later on) to the Wikimedia movement
Increase quality of Wikimedia projects content thanks to the pictures uploaded.
start dateApril 29
start year2015
end dateSeptember 15
end year2015
budget (local currency)5000 TND
budget (USD)2559,65 $
grant typeGroup
non-profit statusNo
creatorHamed gamaoun
contact(s)Hamed_gamaoun (hamed.gamaoun(_AT_)
Mounir Touzri (touzrimounir(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia TN user group


Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful (2–3 sentences).

The overall purpose of this Wiki Loves Earth contest is to increase the amount of freely-licensed material related to Tunisian protected natural sites in Wikimedia Commons, and improve the quality and quantity of Wikipedia articles about them, including illustrating the articles with the uploaded pictures. If the project is successful, more people will know not only about Wikipedia, but also about Wikimedia Commons and new users will be engaged in the projects. Additionally, the Wikimedia movement and the local chapters will gain visibility within the involved communities. Within this scope, we are asking funding to finance the cost of the prizes for the contest winners, as well as the award ceremony and the cost of promotion for the contest (web site and others).



Wiki Loves Earth will be held the first time in Tunisia,For this we will organize many events to promote wiki loves earth and other activities of Wikimedia TN user group:

  • Presentation about Wiki Loves Earth. Date: May 2, 2015
  • Photo walk in the National Park of the Islands Zembra and Zembretta. Date: May 10, 2015
  • Photo walk in the National Park Ichkeul. Date: May 24, 2015
  • Workshop Upload photos. Date: May 31, 2015
  • Final Ceremony Distribution of prices and pictures exhibition. Date: early September


Target readership[edit]

Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia in Tunisia, and indirectly all projects using Wikimedia Commons media files.

Fit with strategy[edit]

  • Increasing reach
    • Creating partnerships with photo clubs, cultural centers and professional photographers to target potential contributors to Wikimedia Commons and off-line activities, increasing the quality of the content uploaded on commons.
    • Through the national contest and massive online and offline marketing/activities we will target contributions from all regions of the country
  • Increasing participation
    • On boarding and educating new contributors through direct communication and providing support material/brochures to keep the contributors involved on the Wikimedia Movements, based on the support from active and experienced contributors as well. Based on that approach we intend to improve the user's contributions retention after the contest.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Number of participating : 25
  • Number of photos uploaded: 2,000
  • Number of new users:15
  • 4 months after the contest, 500 (and 25%) of photos are used on wiki projects
  • 4 months after the event, 100 (and 5%) of uploaded photos are categorized as valued, quality or featured
  • The prizes are handed early September 2014

Resources and risks[edit]


Wikimedia TN user group has organized wiki loves Monuments on 2013 and on 2014 and participate in Wiki Loves Africa 2014 with more than 3500 pictures but without having applied for a grant, we always found problem to organize event without a grant.

Social media channels



  • low level of participation
    • how minimize: improving the marketing online and offline, promote more activities than last year, create local partnerships with other organizations and photo events/organizations
  • low level of engagement of active contributions
    • how minimize: improving the communication with active contributors through the mail lists, wikipedia, commons and IRC. Increasing the level of external participation and contribution


Project budget table
Rubric Number Unit price Total TND Total USD Notes
Presentation about Wiki Loves Earth May 2, 2015 1 200 200 102,39 Local rental and coffee break
Workshop Upload photos May, 31 2015 1 200 200 102,39 Local rental and coffee break
Photo walk in the National Park of the Islands Zembra and Zembretta May 10,2015 1 1200 1200 614,32 rental costs of the bus and boat
Photo walk in the National Park Ichkeul May 24, 2015 1 600 600 307,16 rental costs of the bus
Awards 4 300 1200 614,32
Final Ceremony [ Distribution of prices and pictures exhibition ] 1 500 500 255,97
Printing of 10 Best Photos 10 50 500 255,97
Streamer 2 100 200 102,39 kakemonos
T-shirts 20 20 400 204,77
Total 5000 2559,65
Total cost of project

2559,65 USD

Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program

2559,65 USD

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Non-financial requirements[edit]

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Requests for non-financial assistance, if any


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