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Congratulations on your funded Conference Grant request! Please follow the instructions below and provide the requested information and documents needed to process your grant.

Information and documents needed to process your grant[edit]

  • Email grantsadmin(_AT_) If you cannot view or have difficulty editing the pdf forms, you may provide the requested information in the body of your email instead of completing the pdf forms.
  • Use [Information requested] YOUR CONFERENCE GRANT NAME in your email's subject line. This allows us to more easily identify your email, since we process many grants and receive emails from grantees throughout the life cycle for each grant.

required to issue your agreement[edit]

  1. Proof of non-profit status: Provide documents that demonstrate that your organization is considered a nonprofit organization in your country. We understand that different countries have different ways of defining nonprofit organization, so we are able to accept whatever would be considered proof of this in your country.
  2. Grantee information form[a] and identification documents[1]: Provide information and scanned copies of unexpired government-issued IDs for all persons with bank account access to grant funds, including the person or people signing your agreement.
  3. Grant information form[b]: Provide information about you and your grant, so that we list the correct information in your agreement.
    If you are a fiscal sponsor, provide your organization's information. WMF will work with the grantee regarding the grant agreement related information needed from them.

required to send your grant funds to you[edit]

  1. Bank document: Provide a document from your bank showing who has access to the bank account where grant funds will be received and kept. We need this information to make sure WMF is complying with US regulations, and so it is required for all grantees.
    The document should include the account number (last few digits is okay), all account signatories, and something that verifies the document is from your banking institution.
    There are a number of ways to satisfy this request, but the most common document we receive is a bank letter signed by a bank representative or an email directly from the bank representative to us at grantsadmin(_AT_)
  2. Bank information form[c]: Provide your detailed bank information, including any country specific requirements (e.g. for India, IFSC; Brazil, CPF; UK, Sort Code + Acct# + IBAN, etc.) If your bank has specific wire instructions for receiving funds from a US bank, please provide those as well.

What to expect throughout your grant[edit]

  1. Grant agreement: Once we receive the information and documents requested, we will review them, draft your agreement, and send it to you with a request for your signature.
  2. Payment: Once we receive your signed agreement, we will provide you the details of when to expect your grant funds. Please note that there may be some grants that will be paid as a reimbursement after grant reporting is completed and all grant receipts have been received by WMF. Grantees typically know in advance if their grant will be paid at the completion of the grant.
  3. Confirmation: Please email grantsadmin(_AT_) once the wired funds have been released to your bank account. Or let us know if 7 business days have passed, and you have not received the funds sent.
  4. Reporting: Your final report is due within 60 days of the completion date listed in your grant proposal and signed grant agreement. Reporting requirements and instructions are at:

Links to forms needed to process your grant[edit]





  1. We take your privacy seriously. If you prefer to send scans of your ID via GPG encryption or through another secure method that you are comfortable with (e.g., please let us know when you reply to this information request. We are happy to find a solution that works for you.