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Below is your approved budget. Please use this table to keep track of actual funds spent for each line item and list the difference from the approved budget at the end of the grant period.

More details regarding spending for BLT 2018 Project Grant may be viewed here.

Expense Approved amount Actual funds spent Difference
Project Manager 10080 14530.25 -40.25
Lead Organizers 21840 21840 0
Project Assistants 6720 5978.44 21.56
Regional Proxies 2225 1093.60 481.40
Wiki Planning Meeting: Airtravel for team 4200 3096.21 1103.79
Wiki Planning Meeting: food 1980 1754.35 225.65
Wiki Planning Meeting: lodging 0 151.77 -151.77
Wiki Planning Meeting: Childcare 540 617.16 -77.16
Event Costs: Food 1500 579.53 920.47
Event Costs: Transportation 0 662.18 -662.18
Event Costs: Swag/WiFi/misc 1000 1314.54 -314.54
Event Costs: Childcare 540 245 295
Contingency 0 0 0
Total 53000 52994.43 5.57

Request changes[edit]

We understand that sometimes plans change. Please use this button to request approval for changes to your grant’s budget while your project is in progress. Any variation of 20% or more to any line item in your budget must be approved by staff here before you make the change (for projects with budgets of $15,000 or more, the accepted variance is 10%).

Budget change request[edit]

Our original budget was not entirely funded so this "request for budget change" is actually a reflection of the actual award. We removed some line items and adjusted the amounts of everything as detailed in the online spreadsheet attached to the proposal.


Based on the actual needs and spending of the project we have added Project Assistants to the budget that will help with general event assistance (set up food, photocopying), errands, Creative projects (swag production), data entry, reconciliation of attendees, mail list entry, task list processing, wikidata and meetup page entry, research on local task list items. We also migrated Speaker Honoraria to Personnel. We removed Administrative fees, Technology Costs, Marketing, Printing and Space rental.

The difference between approved amounts and spent amounts in our final report evidence a continuation of this trend. We basically realized during the grant period that the actual needs for resources in different areas of our project were larger or smaller than anticipated. Fishantena (talk) 02:11, 1 July 2019 (UTC)


As you noted, this is not so much a change but a reflection of the actual award, so it doesn't really require an approval. Just noting I have seen this. Thank you for updating the information here. Marti (WMF) (talk) 19:37, 13 March 2019 (UTC)

Budget change request[edit]

Official addition of line item Event Transportation instead of Contingency.


We realized that our contingency was nearly entirely public transport and taxi to and from events. We would like to create a line item for clarity for that reason. The remaining contingency will be moved into appropriate subheadings (Wifi fees we put with swag along with photocopies for PR posters). We hope this makes sense and is permissible. Exact budget proposal/spending can be reviewed here.-Heathart (talk) 01:39, 1 July 2019 (UTC)