Grants:Project/ColMex/First Wikipedian in (Academic) Residence in Latin America/Finances

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Below is your approved budget. Please use this table to keep track of actual funds spent for each line item and list the difference from the approved budget at the end of the grant period.

Expense Approved amount Actual funds spent Difference
Wikipedian in Residence (12 months)* 4800 USD 78,000 MXN 0 MXN
Editathons and workshops' refreshments 200 USD 2,832.18 MXN 0 MXN
Prizes 200 USD - 0 MXN
Swag 50 USD 252.60 MXN 0 MXN
Offline publishing for targeted networking 250 USD 21,978.30 MXN 0 MXN / We originally planned to spend 250 USD. Because of all the resources we have created, the cost has increased. Fortunately, since we established so many partnerships for our edit-a-thons, the grant money will cover this expense.
Transportation - 157.83 MXN 0 MXN
Total 5,500 USD 103,158.73 MXN 0 MXN

* The project time changed because we created a new strategy that involved training the WiR, creating manuals of this training, and establishing a flexible part-time job that allowed us to do more activities with the same budget.


  1. We didn't consider the sending taxes, so our entire budget reduced.
  2. We had unspent funds from most rows thanks to the partnerships we established, but we used this money on the "offline publishing for targeted networking".
  3. We added the row "transportations", which we didn't consider at the beginning but it was necessary.

Request changes[edit]

We understand that sometimes plans change. Please use this button to request approval for changes to your grant’s budget while your project is in progress. Any variation of 20% or more to any line item in your budget must be approved by staff here before you make the change (for projects with budgets of $15,000 or more, the accepted variance is 10%).