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GlobalFactSyncRE - DBpedia, which frequently crawls and analyses over 120 Wikipedia language editions has near complete information about (1) which facts are in infoboxes across all Wikipedias (2) where Wikidata is already used in those infoboxes. GlobalFactSyncRE will extract all infobox facts and their references to produce a tool for Wikipedia editors that detects and displays differences across infobox facts in an intelligent way to help sync infoboxes between languages and/or Wikidata. The extracted references will also be used to enhance Wikidata.


DBpedia Association

The DBpedia Association was founded in 2014 to support DBpedia and the DBpedia Community. Since then we are making steady progress towards professionalizing DBpedia for its users and forming an effective network out of the loosely organised DBpedia Community. The DBpedia Association is currently situated in Leipzig, Germany and affiliated with the non-profit organisation Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e.V.

Sebastian Hellmann (DBpedia Association and AKSW/KILT) has completed his PhD thesis under the guidance of Jens Lehmann and Sören Auer at the University of Leipzig in 2014 on the transformation of NLP tool output to RDF. Sebastian is a senior member of the “Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web” AKSW research center, which currently has 50 researchers (PhDs and senior researchers) focusing on semantic technology research – often in combination with other areas such as machine learning, databases, and natural language processing. Sebastian is head of the “Knowledge Integration and Language Technologies (KILT)" Competence Center at InfAI. He also is the executive director and board member of the non-profit DBpedia Association. Sebastian is contributor to various open-source projects and communities such as DBpedia, NLP2RDF, DL-Learner and OWLG and wrote code in Java, PHP, JavaScript, Scala, C & C++, MatLab, Prolog, Smodels, but now does everything in Bash and Zsh since he discovered the Ubuntu Terminal. Sebastian is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications (h-index of 21 and over 4300 citations) and started the Wikipedia article about Knowledge Extraction. He’s based in Leipzig, Germany.

Tina Schmeissner (DBpedia Association)

Tina Schmeissner graduated from the University of Leipzig in 2010 and later worked as a PhD student for the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research e.V. studying in the field of cloud microphysics. After finishing her PhD and spending some time abroad she joined the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) in Leipzig as a research assistant taking over the role as community manager for the DBpedia Association. In this project, Tina will help organize and spread the GlobalFactSyncRe and push the community outreach. She’s based in Leipzig, Germany.

Krzystof Wecel (Poznań University of Economics and Business)

Dr. Krzysztof Węcel is an assistant professor at Poznan University of Economics. He graduated in 2000 (summa cum laude) and received his PhD in 2002. His main research interest is semantic web technology with a focus on change management. Secondary interests include: information retrieval, data mining, and data warehousing. He was a visiting scholar in leading semantic groups in Europe at Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck and University of Karlsruhe. He has been involved in EC-funded projects including ASG (adaptive services), TOWL (information management in temporal aspect), SUPER (semantic business process management) and ENIRAF (information search for analytical systems). He was also a visiting scholar at Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok and Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Together with Wlodzimierz Lewoniewski he is responsible for the interlinked fact and reference extractions.

Wlodzimierz Lewoniewski (Poznań University of Economics and Business)

Dr. Wlodzimierz Lewoniewski obtained his PhD in the field of economic sciences on March 8, 2019. As part of his thesis he developed a method of comparing and enriching multilingual information in Wikipedia based on the analysis of their quality. He also contributed to over 20 scientific publications. His areas of research include Data Quality, Wikipedia, DBpedia, Wikidata, Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin. Dr. Lewoniewski is also an active member of the Wikipedia community.

Milan Dojchinovski (Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) at Leipzig University and Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague)

Milan holds an Assistant Professor position at the Czech Technical University (CTU) and a Research Associate position at the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) at the Leipzig University, where he is member of the (ASKW) research group. He has 10+ years experience in the computer industry in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia. His research interests are in Semantic Web, Data Science and Web Science. He was working on several European projects funded by the FP7 and H2020 programmes. Milan is an active member of the DBpedia community project. He holds a PhD in Information Science from the Czech Technical University in Prague and a MSc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Maribor in Slovenia.

Johannes Frey (AKSW/KILT)

Johannes studied computer science at Leipzig University. During his bachelors he worked as a student assistant at the business information systems department for the “Leipzig Data” project where he developed PHP-based semantic solutions for publishing and visualizing RDF data. In his bachelor thesis he created a WordPress plugin for the humanities to author, manage, publish and visualize RDF data within WordPress. In 2015 he became part of the Knowledge Integration and Linked Data Technologies competence center (KILT) of the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) as a graduate assistant. There he helped with the creation of an open industry knowledge graph in the “Smart Data Web” research project. For his master thesis he evaluated and benchmarked metadata representation models in RDF stores and wrote Java-based tools for flexible metadata storage and querying. Since August 2017 he is employed as a research assistant of Leipzig University within the KILT group.

Marvin Hofer (University of Leipzig, AKSW/KILT)

Marvin is a student at the University of Leipzig and part of the Knowledge Integration and Linked Data Technologies competence center (KILT) of the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) as DBpedia developer. In July 2018 he finished his bachelor degree. His skill set encompasses Java and Scala, JS, Python, Bash&Unix, Full-Stack, and Data Fusion.

Jan Forberg (University of Leipzig, AKSW/KILT)

Jan is a student at the University of Leipzig and part of the Knowledge Integration and Linked Data Technologies competence center (KILT) of the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) as DBpedia developer.