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Timeline for DannyS712[edit]

Timeline Date
Milestone 1 Day Month Year
Milestone 2 Day Month Year
Milestone 3 Day Month Year

Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.


One of my goals for this grant is that, by the end of it, the extension code is as well documented and tested as possible so that its easier for other developers to try and contribute. As part of this, I spent a while working on adding Selenium (mw:Selenium) tests. See phab:T284521 for the overall task - as of the end of June the basic tests for the OOUI version of Special:GlobalWatchlist have been merged, with patches pending to also add tests for the Vue version of the display. I also began investigating adding Storybook (https://storybook.js.org/) documentation for the Vue display.

This month I also investigated allowing the extension to be used on private WMF wikis (meaning that when looking at Special:GlobalWatchlist here on meta users with access to private wikis, like the Volunteer Response Team wiki at vrt-wiki.wikimedia.org, would be able to include that private wiki in the sites that are shown). Before I invested too much time in the actual functionality, I wanted to contact the users of the various private wikis to see if there was any interest in this functionality - the responses I got were that this would not be useful, so I abandoned the project.

I spent a while figuring out the implicit form submission on Special:GlobalWatchlistSettings - when you hit enter the form would try to submit, triggering the first button, which removes the first site row. This was phab:T275588 - I wasn't able to solve it completely, but I was able to work around it for hitting enter while focusing on the text boxes (which is when users are most likely to hit enter) and I filed phab:T286146 to figure out hitting enter elsewhere. Now, when focusing on the site inputs hitting enter will do nothing.

I debugged phab:T154027 with the goal of adding autocompletion to the site inputs on the settings page, and found the proximate cause of the issue - the automatic infusion of the OOUI widget. A patch is pending for review.






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