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Grants:Project/Hamed and Mounir/Wiki Loves Ramadan 2019

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Wiki Loves Ramadan 2019
summarym:Wiki Loves Ramadan (WLR) is an annual contest where people across arab world can contribute media (photographs, video and audio) about their Customs and traditions during the month of Ramadan on Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.
targetWikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikibooks. Primarily English, French and Arabic .
type of grantoffline and online programs and events
amount42 400 TND
contact• touzrimounir(_AT_)gmail.com
this project needs...
created on10:09, 24 September 2018 (UTC)

Project idea


What is the problem you're trying to solve?


What problem are you trying to solve by doing this project? This problem should be small enough that you expect it to be completely or mostly resolved by the end of this project. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

  • low amount of visual, contemporary coverage of Arab world on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
  • low visibility and understanding of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in the Arab world
  • low figures of participation to Wikimedia projects from Arab world

What is your solution to this problem?


For the problem you identified in the previous section, briefly describe your how you would like to address this problem. We recognize that there are many ways to solve a problem. We’d like to understand why you chose this particular solution, and why you think it is worth pursuing. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

m:Wiki Loves Ramadan (WLR) is an annual, ONE month contest that takes place in during the month of Ramadan and is run across the Arab World. Wiki Loves Ramadan encourages the ‘crowd’ contribution of local knowledge of heritage, and community cultural profiles for the participating countries through entering media (photographs, video and audio) about their environment onto Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikimedia projects. Wiki Loves Ramadan particularly encourages participants to contribute media that illustrate a Customs and traditions during the month and Eid Al Fitr, This year the contest will be from 5 may to June 8.

Although the project is run at the Arab World level, some specific actions (training, communications, events, local juries and prize giving, etc.) are held by chosen countries with national organisers.

WLR goals and intentions are to:

  • Draw attention to, and increase the coverage of, content relating to AW on the Wikimedia projects.
  • Introduce the benefits of, and ability to, contribute to Wikimedia Common to new communities.
  • Support new volunteer communities as they work together around an important local project.
  • Reward people for contributing the right kind of material to Wikimedia projects.
  • Engender pride in local heritages, traditions, cultures and communities across AW.

The aim of the Wiki Loves Ramadan project is to provide support for national organisers, and organise the continental layer of WLR. This is done by the AW project team. The goals of the community team are to:

  • Assure the practicability and the legality of the contest.
  • Liaise with Wikimedia community to ensure smooth running of the project.
  • Support the local teams as they work with local communities and photographers to submit their entries.
  • Provide the right frame work and structure to ensure that there is a high level of accountability from the volunteer groups.
  • Assure a minimum number of pictures and media that are of high quality.
  • Highlight the contest, the events and teams, its result and enhance the communication around all aspects of the contest.

The Wiki Loves Ramadan project support the key organisational objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation by:

  • driving awareness in AW countries of Wikipedia as a resource,
  • creating galvanising events around which active Wikipedians can work together in each country,
  • lowering barriers for contribution by ordinary people across AW,
  • providing guidelines to ensure quality submissions,
  • reaching out to professional photographers to ensure quality photos are submitted,
  • encouraging local people to contribute, it engenders more trust in our projects by people in developing countries suspicious of "Western" influence,
  • creating sustainable processes from the beginning to ensure longevity of this project
  • providing a large amount of previously unavailable high-quality culturally specific material on a universal practice
  • by ensuring that all material relating to each theme encompasses all aspects of the theme, the material from places across the AW will display and illustrate very specific and subtle differences across the AW

Project goals


What are your goals for this project? Your goals should describe the top two or three benefits that will come out of your project. These should be benefits to the Wikimedia projects or Wikimedia communities. They should not be benefits to you individually. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

The project has three primary goals which are to:

  1. Create a contest that will drive understanding and usage of Wikipedia on a continent where awareness is minimal to non-existent,
  2. Provide an easy mechanism (a contest) that breaks down the barrier for contribution for people from AW, and
  3. Provide a continent-wide project that will draw a group of Wikip/media interested people in each country and provide a platform around which to create a community.

Additional goals of the project are to:

  • Gather images and media about subject matter and topics related to the theme from across AW;
  • Enable more information about the AW and, specifically topics related to the theme, to be represented on Wikipedia;
  • Create an easily accessible platform that encourages more Arabics to contribute multimedia representations of AW onto Wikimedia Commons for use in articles in the other sister project websites;
  • Provide local organisers with the tools and support that they need to organise the national Wiki Loves Ramadan competitions in their countries, including the technical infrastructure (templates, upload campaigns, guidelines, how-tos, etc.) for uploading images;
  • Provide a continental layer for Wiki Loves Ramadan 2019, including organising the international media competition and an international finale;
  • Provide and/or help provide a central infrastructure that can support and enable communication between chapters or user groups or volunteers; and
  • Create and maintain helpful documentation for multiple target groups, including national organisers and participants.

Project impact


How will you know if you have met your goals?


For each of your goals, we’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. During your project, what will you do to achieve this goal? (These are your outputs.)
  2. Once your project is over, how will it continue to positively impact the Wikimedia community or projects? (These are your outcomes.)

For each of your answers, think about how you will capture this information. Will you capture it with a survey? With a story? Will you measure it with a number? Remember, if you plan to measure a number, you will need to set a numeric target in your proposal (i.e. 45 people, 10 articles, 100 scanned documents). Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

  • Uploaded media figures, retention of new users, reuse of pictures... will be made available through the usual tools used by the Wikimedia community
  • Tracking of events will be done on a google document post contest, with a call for contributions from all participating countries
  • Tracking of satisfaction is done through a survey sent to participating countries at the end of the contest
  • Additional information (such as list of improvements etc.) will be made available in a post-mortem document

Do you have any goals around participation or content?


Are any of your goals related to increasing participation within the Wikimedia movement, or increasing/improving the content on Wikimedia projects? If so, we ask that you look through these three metrics, and include any that are relevant to your project. Please set a numeric target against the metrics, if applicable.

  • Minimum of 1,000 media files uploaded to the contest by each CNO (this level of contribution is expected to be an average of all the contributing countries)
  • Minimum of 8,000 media uploaded from across the continent
  • Minimum of 400 uploaders from across the continent
  • 5 countries to join the contest as CNOs
  • 9 months after the contest has ended, at least 25 new users become active contributors (5 edits per month in any of the Wikimedia projects)

Project plan




Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project? How will you follow-up with people that are involved with your project?

The project is organised by a project team who:

  • Conduct meta-level context organization of the competition Wiki Loves Ramadan
  • Assists and supports the national teams (with a specific focus on less established teams) and invite volunteers to participate in whatever ways are feasible and realistic in context
  • Runs the continent-wide communications campaign,
  • Organises the selection, the jury and the delivery of the prizes,
  • Does evaluation planning, in consultation with and supported by WMF, to improve documentation and reporting of impact,
  • Prints the winners poster and organises a Arab exhibition at Wikimania and/or other Wikimedia conferences, and
  • Runs at least one online post-contest event to extend the effectiveness of the theme

Project management and administration

  • Build/maintain the Commons central infrastructure(s) for the contest
  • Setting out a clear timeline for the Wiki Loves Ramadan competition
  • Develop documentation of best practices to support volunteer involvement where it seems useful to support, based on realities of context, driven by needs of participants
  • Create communication systems for reports and evaluation metrics
  • Working with the WMF on evaluation planning for storytelling around impact
  • Monitor statistics and competition entries
  • Track analytics of social media campaign
  • Evaluate the meta project and competition (using information we have gathered from less experienced groups, and what is available via reports from any countries taking part via rapid grants mechanisms)
  • Provide feedback to the community
  • Apply for funding to support the competition
  • Build and operate financial structure and control
  • Financial reporting and governance

Support to National Organisers


For those supported within the continental project (known for purposes of this grant application as NT)

  • Support NT organisers as needed
  • Share coordinated communications campaign and materials
  • Support and disseminate local social media and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Track and support financial accountability and submission of receipts and project cost reports
  • Track the application of initiative to local context, reviewing the lists of more than 30 key occupations

For those transitioning and applying to take part of it via rapid grants (known for purposes of this grant application as RG countries)

  • Available to answer questions from applicants to the Rapid Grants
  • Suggest what activities to include in rapid grant to make their project a success
  • Participate in check-ins with WMF staff to make sure the transition is supporting appropriate growth and learning opportunities
  • Inclusion in meta communications, including calls, requests, key milestone information, etc.
  • All communications materials created/updated and shared


  • Create a strong and simple social media driven campaign to reach people internationally and locally
  • Prepare material such as leaflets, posters and press releases that can be used and/or built on by national organisations
  • Specifically this year, creation of a generic leaflet for teams to facilitate the outreach work of the team and enable a short introduction of the Competition to local partners, funders, etc.
  • Connect with continental press as needed
  • Identify major influencers (blogs, thought leaders, Facebook / twitter leaders)
  • Maintain communication with international partners including relevant staff at Wikimedia Foundation
  • Improve database of press contacts
  • Communicate post-contest during Wikimedia events

Competition and prizes

  • Setup and rollout the international contest
  • Implement communications campaign to continental press and stakeholders
  • Create a bot to send a welcome and thank you all participants with suggestions on what else they can do to get other people to see their photos
  • Create process and guidelines on how to best involve professional photographers group, based on a pilot in Cameroon
  • Improvement of the site notice system with the help of the WMF’s advancement team
  • Create a bot to assist with category clean-up of the images submitted
  • Set up jury processes to select best images
  • Find suitable jury members for the continental jury
  • Support the jury in their process, maintain timeline
  • Dissemination of results
  • Provide and distribute prizes and awards to winners
  • Conduct an image placement drive post contest to encourage integration of images into Wikimedia projects



How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense. (You can create a table later if needed.) Don’t forget to include a total amount, and update this amount in the Probox at the top of your page too!

Project budget table
# Category Item description Unit # of units Unit price in US dollars Currency Budget Comment
1 Project Staffing Co-project manager months 6 700 USD 4200
1 Project Staffing Co-project manager months 6 500 USD 3000
1 Project Staffing Administration general cost 1 500 USD 500 (documentation/translation). Providing accountability and transparency and skills transfer. Ensuring that more people understand the project.
2 Communication Design, identity and communication per item 1 750 USD 750 website, emailer, leaflet, stickers, posters + a generic leaflet for the teams + the final winners poster
3 In-country actions Covers all events and printing of required communications materials per country 3 1,000.00 USD 3000 This covers all the expenses tied up with the the in-country actions. It includes, but is not limited to, all events, "advertising" travel costs and printing of communications materials.
4 Prizes Continental prizes x 4 (photo-related vouchers, photo safari, devices, etc.) general cost 1 2000 USD 2000 1st = 600 US, 2nd = 400 US; 3rd + organisers prize = 300 US each + US200 smaller prices / final event + US200 power packs to cup winners
4 Prizes Prize winners printed and posted general cost 1 300 USD 300
5 Judges / Sponsors Thank you goodies and postage general cost 1 200.00 USD 200.00
6 Financial costs Money transfers per transfer 5 50.00 USD 250
7 Additional elements Contingency general cost 2.5% of the budget USD 355
7 Additional elements Hosting cost general cost 5% of the budget USD 710
totals 15265

Notes: These are pure financial costs and do not include in-kind support that is provided to the National Teams by local organisations, networks, non-profits and cultural missions (specifically the Goethe-Institut) that - where possible - provide event spaces and connectivity.

Total cost of project
USD 15 265.00

TND 42 400.00

Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
USD 15265.00:TND 42 400.00

Community engagement


How will you let others in your community know about your project? Why are you targeting a specific audience? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve at various points during your project? Community input and participation helps make projects successful.

Possible partners

Get involved




Please use this section to tell us more about who is working on this project. For each member of the team, please describe any project-related skills, experience, or other background you have that might help contribute to making this idea a success.

Community notification


You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a Village Pump, talk page, mailing list, etc.--> Please paste links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions. Need notification tips?



Do you think this project should be selected for a Project Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project below! (Other constructive feedback is welcome on the discussion page).

  • Support Support Great Idea for the arabic community! Ayoub Fajraoui (talk) 10:44, 27 September 2018 (UTC)
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  • Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:16, 19 November 2018 (UTC)