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Grants:Project/ISUR/Wikipedia women and ancestral knowledge from the global south in the Colombian context/Profile

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Wikipedia and ancestral knowledge from the global south in the Colombian context is a public and open social project for people to participate in Internet, share knowledge, access to knowledge, experiment, develop ideas and projects collaboratively, freely and openly through Wikipedia. The aim is for this project to benefit indigenous communities in terms of public social development programmes (education, access to information, participation, etc.).

This project is aimed at supporting the different processes that take place in two indigenous communities and enhance the voices and participation of women through the use of Wikipedia, so that the workshops will learn about what Wikipedia is and, additionally, other activities will be carried out to promote the development of digital skills. In the same way, the workshops will be spaces for the meeting of knowledge in which editions will be made, articles from Wikipedia will be created and improved with reliable and trustworthy sources on a specific topic and a report of experiences will be made on the exercises of technological empowerment of indigenous communities and their contribution to Wikipedia.



Wayuu editors

  • Fatima Epiayu
  • Lucely Sabino
  • Marcela Epiayu
  • Yajaira Ramírez
  • Venus Vanegas
  • Miguel Ángel Ramírez
  • Aminta Pelaez
  • Kelly Johana Suarez
  • Betty Mejia
  • Blanca Iguarán
  • Morella Hernandez
  • Jairo Ojeda
  • Ramona Gonzalez
  • Yarelis Laguna
  • Gala Kuash
  • Miriam Ramírez
  • Leyda Iguarán
  • Quintina de la Mella