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Grants:Project/Orgio89/Offline Wikipedia outreach in Mongolia

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Offline Wikipedia outreach in Mongolia
summaryTo use local Wikipedia through offline means for improvement of local secondary educational program and thus improve local Wikipedia.
targetMongolian and English.
type of grantoffline programs and events
contact• chbatorgil at hotmail dot com
affiliatenot listed (Wikimedia Mongolia)
created on04:54, 3 October 2016 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

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The Mongolia's local Wikipedia is one of smallest of small Wikipedias which has only 16,000 articles yet for 3.1 million total population the monthly Wikipedia view count is 2.3 million which is 4 views per local internet user and is close to global average rate, which one way it is bright side. But on the other hand according to Wikipedia view statistics Mongolia's monthly Wikipedia usage rate is at below average or even in poor level in comparison to most countries. In our opinion, the small size and mediocre engagement in Mongolia's Wikipedia are because of 1. Lower community/state support on general educational development, 2. Local poor Wikipedia development, 3. Poor internet access rate, 4. Language barrier, 5. Political parties's and special interest groups heavy public media control and manipulations.

And around 60% of local usage of Wikipedia is directing into the English version which makes sense since where more knowledge exist there people go. And Mongolia's wikipedia is currently requiring some initiatives that associated with more of local necessities to lose the smallest title.

To this current situation of local Mongolia's Wikipedia plus with local educational needs we approach with enhancing of educational factors of Wikipedia plus combining with local educational development necessities and innovations.

What is your solution?[edit]

The project will develop local Wikipedia utilization process aligned with the local secondary educational program that the Wikipedia development trend supports local education through offline Wikipedia distribution at same time encyclopedia local articles get improved and increased. Educators will develop school program enriching process design through Wikipedia advantages and using that environment to increase school children's engaging to educational contents of Wikipedia thus improving their study.

The project will concentrate on 10 schools from different communities that will realistically identify educational development problems and develop suitable working process that considered all possible factors.

Which the process will certainly activate local educators and activists attention to local Wikipedia development.

The project process dynamics will go through following diagram that educators and active encyclopedia members will maintain educational influence of Mongolian Wikipedia for regular users and students. The three groups will constantly update encyclopedia knowledge source and will increase the knowledge sharing while distributing offline wikipedia through consumers computers.

Project goals[edit]

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The project will increase Wikipedia usage and alternative knowledge source distribution in Mongolia while offering certain educational development solutions for local educators. The project specific goals can be detailed as follows:

  1. To develop Wikipedia environment based educational improvement process design.
  2. To combine small maneuverable Wikipedia development with local educational program thus to counter develop one another.
  3. To increase openly shared knowledge usage that based on Wikipedia.
  4. To increase local Wikipedia usage through target groups.
  5. To increase local editors.

Project plan[edit]


  1. The project will closely work with 10 local high schools that covers different city communities that in order to realistically define educational trend relating to Wikipedia usage of children through offline channels, plus to reveal different educational levels from different school backgrounds that to be associated with the newly development process.
  2. The volunteers will distribute research questionnaire to school teachers and students in order to gather current local online and offline educational tendencies and observations.
  3. The educators team will develop educational process design using offline Wikipedia and finding out ways to increase the online sharing of Wikipedia while developing associated educational improvement process and then launch it.
  4. The software expert will develop local wikipedia and english wikipedia database fit into local usage both for desktop pc and android environments.
  5. Educators will distribute offline installation DVDs to students and relating to their current subjects students will write articles and compete for best written quality. The winning articles gets submitted into the local Wikipedia.
  6. Students use current Wikipedia articles and expand their study subjects and combine the study materials with offline study medias including dvd, cd and books.
  7. The newer process will integrate A.student, B.educator, C.offline wikipedia, D.online wikipedia into chain reactive process thus the whole integrated process directs for educational improvement.
  8. Educators guide students Wikipedia engagement process and maneuver the process into educational improvement.
  9. The project team will integrate whole process into educational improvement program and recommend it to the Ministry of Education and Sports of Mongolia that newly developed program should be included into the general educational program where ever the possible infrastructure is available.

The project will last for 6 months.

  • Technical 1: To each class there are 3 sets of two installation DVDs (total 1240 pieces) for offline Wikipedia will be distributed and students will pass to each others and will install the Wikipedia and educational materials in their home computers. 50 gigabyte of English Wikipedia (4 million articles) which the installation archived size is 8GB and 1 gigabyte of Mongolian Wikipedia (12,000 articles) and local free educational books and iOS/Android apps such as Mongolian dictionary app, Offline dictionary app, Endangered animals Red book, The Ecology protection guidebook, selected literatures from Gutenberg project books, ecological/geographical maps etc's will be included in two 8.5GB DVDs.
  • Technical 2: Total 375 pieces of questionnaires will be used with each of 10 schools (total 3750 pages, plus additional 50 spare pages) and at each of 10 schools to around 1400 students 4 pages of Wikipedia article and media editing guides will be distributed which total will be 56,000 pages.


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  • For quantity details of DVD and Printing costs please refer to Technical 1 and 2 of Activities section above.
  • Educational experts consists of school teachers who won previous years teachers development initiative and researcher.
  • The software expert will develop offline wikipedia and other educational materials fit with student friendly version.
  • Communications cost covers both cellphone communications costs and bus transportation costs for volunteers.
  • There will be held 4 meetings with project staffs covering costs of drinks and supplies.
  • To 10 schools there are 20 posters will be distributed and 1 will be hang at the school doorway in public announcement board area and one will be hang in the teachers room wall.
DVD duplication 1240 $1.61 $1997
Educational expert (3 people) 180 hours $6.67 $1200
Software expert (1 person) 80 hours $6.25 $500
Printing 59,800 $0.0635 $3800
Communications 10 $5 $50
Meeting 4 $20 $80
Poster 20 $2.65 $53
Total $7,680

Community engagement[edit]

The local educators and students will be closely experienced offline Wikipedia educational process and the outcomes will be broadcasted through local tv and newspapers.


The project process is designed to run and aligned with local educational program hence Wikipedia usage and encyclopedia editing activities will be significantly improved by targeted local group of educators and students. The known and unknown educational factors of Wikipedia will be studied and utilized into an active educational process so the renewed educational environment will attract both educators and students interest toward Wikipedia and at same time the local Wikipedia quality will improve.

For certain limited conditions the Wikipedia knowledge source can be transformed into rich educational tool and environment so the re-organized offline encyclopedia as a part of a study process will develop local students for their annual study program after our implementation.

Measures of success[edit]

Newer educational use and engagement process of Wikipedia will be locally developed and distributed to both local and international areas. There are unlimited innovations of using online educational environment to improve the study quality hence the Wikipedia environment will crucially offer newer trend or methodologies for local educators and students educational studying or laboring.

The project will create wake up call among local educators community who are willing to contribute to education in innovative ways and the local Wikipedia.

  • The local Wikipedia will increase by 10% in size.
  • 1400 new active Wikipedia editors will be added.
  • The local schools will begin to use Wikipedia as their curriculum enrichment source. (most likely starting from private schools but eventaully spreading into public schools)
  • Will provide good development alternative solution for WMF for their efforts of developing small Wikipedias.

Get involved[edit]


  • The "Offline Wikipedia outreach in Mongolia" project team consists of Progress Gateway NGO staffs, advisors and volunteers in Mongolia. Phone: +976-99901598, Fax: +976-76061598, email:chbatorgil at hotmail dot com.
  • Our partner organization the Initiated Society NGO has agreed to assist us.
  • Advisor I think this project can play a crucial role in increasing awareness among educators and general public regarding effective use of Wikipedia in Mongolia. The expected outcomes of this project will not only be limited to the increase of the local Wikipedia in Mongolia, it can become a model and a lesson that supports the improvement of small Wikipedias worldwide. DB2016 (talk) 05:31, 13 November 2016 (UTC)

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Attn: you can use google translator and read the comments in the local meeting page.


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  • As one of the administrators in Mongolian Wikipedia, I'm fully endorsing this project as it could help improving awareness of Wikimedia projects in Mongolia, especially in rural areas which have poor internet access. Thank you. Zorigt (talk) 10:50, 11 October 2016 (UTC)
  • Support. This is great idea for Wikipedia. 05:22, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
  • Support/Comment. They've reached out to the Kiwix team and we do have Mongol interface and Mongol Wikipedia as a ZIM file. We can help them with installation material and content if need be. Stephane (talk) 06:26, 13 October 2016 (UTC)
  • It is very important initiative for educational development in Mongolia. As former partner of Progress Gateway NGO our organization will assist on laborious tasks of this project like computer preparing, installing wikipedia, shipping activities. Darkhanbat Ts. Director, Initiated Society NGO, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Phone: +976-88400488 Initiate-mongol (talk) 00:45, 14 October 2016 (UTC)