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Timeline for Putnik/Wikidata module[edit]

Timeline Date
Module for Russian Wikipedia rewritten, it supports the output of all types of data. Page settings created, it allows you to specify custom data handlers for any type or property. In the code of the main module and the comments there is no binding to the Russian Wikipedia. 31 December 2016
Module is transformed into a MediaWiki extension, it allows you to use the functionality already implemented in different Wikipedias. 15 February 2017
Existing code in different projects adapted to use the module, tests and documentation are created. 31 March 2017
Module is added to a MediaWiki build for Wikipedia and is used in several projects. 15 May 2017

Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.


Most of the first month of work went into the processing unit in the Russian Wikipedia.

  • I deleted a lot of individual templates for specific features which call their functional through the main template.
  • Has been updated and improved output for various types, in particular quantity, which resulted in its active usage in many infoboxes.
  • Now, it is possible to use functions designed to format the data from Wikidata for local values.
  • Formatting options for identifiers synchronized with the Wikidata properties and practically all removed from Wikipedia. Now, their values ​​are loaded from Wikidata.
  • I continue to work on the centralized configuration in order to make it unnecessary to specify the output settings for each output of the template.

In general: the module redesigned so that as much information to be used for output, produced directly from Wikidata, without the need for its local indication in the project.

Another important outcome was the understanding of how to distribute the module as an extension. Due to the fact that I removed the use of many different modules and templates, a single point of interaction with a module for the project will settings page. Standard module functionality will be sufficient for comfortable use, but its output can be overridden for individual types and for specific properties.

putnik 23:57, 11 January 2017 (UTC)


Work on the configuration page has been completed. Now user need only module and template pages to start using the module. The configuration page allows you to specify settings on five different levels:

  1. Global settings of the project
  2. Settings for the data type
  3. Settings for preset (configuration used for similar properties)
  4. Settings for properties
  5. Template parameters

Higher level settings override lower level settings.

Most of the handlers for individual properties have been rewritten. At the moment, it has only four properties, which is required additional templates to display: P373, P421, P569 and P570, this will be fixed in the next month. Other templates are removed and are no longer used. For end users, now there is no confusion in the use of templates. It is enough to print {{wikidata|Pxxx}} to display formatted text.

I created gadget to export information from infoboxes to Wikidata using markup generated by the module. It already has been used 20K times to add statements into Wikidata.

The following month, the main purpose is to implement copying of modules using a bot and deploy the module into any project that does not use a large number of modules from Russian Wikipedia (probably it can be Esperanto Wikipedia).

I finished almost all the work related to the Russian Wikipedia, and problems have become more general, so I will make active use of the tracking Phabricator ticket for new tasks.


Significantly improved gadget for transferring data to Wikidata from infoboxes (with a lot of support from the user Ghuron). Since the last report 25K more statements have been added into Wikidata.

The bot to sync pages in different projects (linked via Wikidata) has been created. Its code will be published after further testing.

Started semi-automatic transfer of the new module code to the Udmurt Wikipedia from the


An additional limit was created to limit the number of output values. Simplified call of {{wikidata}} inside infobox templates. The output of the link to the Wikimedia Commons (P373) has been revised.


The work with time boundaries is rewritten to automatically output the desired values of labels, administrative units and other properties.

The obsolete template syntax is replaced from the templates where it was used.


The submodule for medals (P166) has been significantly improved, minor improvements have been made to other submodules.

Made improvements to the export gadget for better values parsing.

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