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Report under review

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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went? Yes I partly met my goal. My project was delayed due to my ill health but I was later able to meet my target. However I had intended to achieve more than I finally did.


Please report on your original project targets. Please be sure to review and provide metrics required for Rapid Grants.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of Event 5 6 We meet 6 times for the project. we had to increase the number of times we met to meet our target
NUmber of Participants 40 34 Some of the editors did not attend some of the meet ups but because we met more times than we planned, we were still able to cover up
Number of New editors 3 Number of new editors 3
Number of articles created and improved 280 We created more than 760 articles. this includes voice noted and pictures we created in Commons and the ones we added to Igbo Wiktionary. I worked more of creating voice notes in Commons while the other editors did more of adding the pictures and voice noted in Igbo Wiktionary. my link for the notes I added in commons is Sice Igbo Wiktionary could not be tracked in Outreach dashboard, we have to try to capture all the pages that we added voice notes or pictures. the pages are Wt/ig/ọla nkwa alụmdi, Wt/ig/uto asụsụ, Wt/ig/Odum, Wt/ig/karama, Wt/ig/Nwa ada, Wt/ig/Agụ owuru, Wt/ig/Ekwenti, Wt/ig/Ikpa Aghara, Wt/ig/onye nnọchiteanya, Wt/ig/ndintuziaka, Wt/ig/ịhụba ama, Wt/ig/onye omebeiwu, Wt/ig/Olaedo, Wt/ig/mbaraezi, Wt/ig/obi ọjọọ, Wt/ig/akwụkwọ arụmarụ, Wt/ig/ebe dị obosara, Wt/ig/Òrúberé, Wt/ig/myiriudaume, Wt/ig/Mgbochiume, Wt/ig/kwádóó, Wt/ig/ọkankuzi, Wt/ig/òkwúpụ̀tá, Wt/ig/m̀kpị̀sị́édèmédé, Wt/ig/ózí, Wt/ig/nwáléé, Wt/ig/udaolu, Wt/ig/ọjị, ‎ Wt/ig/Ngaji, Wt/ig/Ọmụgwọ, Wt/ig/o, Wt/ig/A, Wt/ig/ya, Wt/ig/ọmụrụ nwa, Wt/ig/nhọrọ, Wt/ig/njikere, Wt/ig/isiego, Wt/ig/zọpụta, Wt/ig/mpụ na ohi saiba, Wt/ig/zọpụta, Wt/ig/Nkọwa, Wt/ig/Mkpọchiafe, Wt/ig/Nsogbu, Wt/ig/ndịiche nke ọdịnaala, Wt/ig/ọnọdụ nkali, Wt/ig/okwu akpụnọnu ugbua, Wt/ig/ntulekorita, Wt/ig/asụsụ nkanụzụ, Wt/ig/ugboala to Wt/ig/ụgbọala, Wt/ig/ụgbọala, Wt/ig/Oche eze, Wt/ig/ịhụba ama, Wt/ig/dakpọọ, Wt/ig/dakpọrọ, Wt/ig/mgbochi mgbọegbe, Wt/ig/nri mgbadoume, Wt/ig/ntọọchị, Wt/ig/onye mkpaọchi, Wt/ig/ịkwa akwa, Wt/ig/jigsọọ, Wt/ig/iwu mkpụrụ ụda, Wt/ig/atụmatụ agụmagụ, Wt/ig/ụra aganaanya, Wt/ig/onye nke iri, Wt/ig/iheisiike ‎, Wt/ig/adịghị ike, Wt/ig/nha, Wt/ig/ngwaahịa, Wt/ig/ọchịọra ụmụnwaanyị, ‎ Wt/ig/agụmagụ edereede, Wt/ig/Ntụ oyi, Wt/ig/fụọ ọnụ, Wt/ig/jụọ, Wt/ig/jikọọ, Wt/ig/ akpamoke mmekọrịta mmadụ na ibe ya, Wt/ig/ọgwụgwọ ọria, Wt/ig/akụkọ arọarọ, Wt/ig/ọria ozurumba, Wt/ig/Igba, Wt/ig/Igba ndụ, Wt/ig/Akpu, Wt/ig/akpụ akpa-nwa, Wt/ig/akpụ olu, Wt/ig/Abacha, Wt/ig/Enyi, Wt/ig/Ekwenti, Wt/ig/Abụba, Wt/ig/Agụ, Wt/ig/Osisi Nkwụ, Wt/ig/Mmanya ọtọọbịrị bịrị, Wt/ig/zisaa, Wt/ig/ịgba ịpara, Wt/ig/onye okwunụka, Wt/ig/uwatụụwa niile, Wt/ig/azụghịazụ, Wt/ig/ọrụru n'ọkụ, Wt/ig/zisaa, Wt/ig/kpachara anya, Wt/ig/ọgwụmgbochi, Wt/ig/opi ike, Wt/ig/ewu, Wt/ig/akwụkwọ nri, Wt/ig/ịsam, Wt/ig/ọkọlọtọ, Wt/ig/ahụekere, Wt/ig/onye nchekwa, Wt/ig/ude isi ọma, Wt/ig/Oche eze, Wt/ig/onye ofụụ opi ike, Wt/ig/opi ike, Wt/ig/akpa ajị, Wt/ig/ọbanka, Wt/ig/ọzara, Wt/ig/egedege ihu, Wt/ig/esu, Wt/ig/ada, Wt/ig/ntụ ọcha, Wt/ig/iteji akwa, Wt/ig/ọtọgrafi, Wt/ig/onye mkpaọchi, Wt/ig/onye nkiri, Wt/ig/ochenri, Wt/ig/mbite/mbibi, Wt/ig/gbadoanya, Wt/ig/obi omiiko, Wt/ig/ariri, Wt/ig/ntaramahụhụ, Wt/ig/ozigbonje, Wt/ig/ọdida-anyanwụ, Wt/ig/onyeama, Wt/ig/ije oma, Wt/ig/nchekasị ahụ, Wt/ig/ọgbọ, Wt/ig/olu ndị, Wt/ig/edomanya, Wt/ig/Akparamagwa, Wt/ig/Isiokwu, Wt/ig/Echiche, Wt/ig/Echiche, Wt/ig/odee, Wt/ig/Ndi gboo, Wt/ig/itinye uche, Wt/ig/Olu Onye, Wt/ig/Onọdụ Ụbụrụ, Wt/ig/Ihe Nkiri, Wt/ig/kọrịkulum ndụ onye, Wt/ig/jikọọ, Wt/ig/ọjụjụ, Wt/ig/onyenkuzi usoro ụkwụ egwu, Wt/ig/ijikọ ụwa ọnụ, Wt/ig/ịchụpụ mmadụ n'obodo, Wt/ig/nghogbu, Wt/ig/icheaka mgba, Wt/ig/Uche Onye, Wt/ig/asụsụ ebitere ebite, Wt/ig/Akwụkwọ mkpanaka, Wt/ig/asụsụ ebitere ebite, Wt/ig/Akwụkwọ mkpanaka, Wt/ig/akwụkwọ ọgụgụ, Wt/ig/ụlọakwụkwọ ndị nọọsụ, Wt/ig/sọpụrụ, ‎ Wt/ig/akọmọnụ, Wt/ig/Ahịrị, Wt/ig/Mmalite, Wt/ig/ọgụụ, Wt/ig/Odeabu, Wt/ig/nzuru oke, Wt/ig/emume ngosi, Wt/ig/obi isiike ‎, Wt/ig/egwuregwu nke asụsụ, Wt/ig/atụmaatụ asụsụ, Wt/ig/Agumagu ederede ,‎Wt/ig/kọrịkulum ndụ onye, Wt/ig/atụmaatụ asụsụ, Wt/ig/obi nkonelu, Wt/ig/obi nkonelu, ‎Wt/ig/obi nkonelu, Wt/ig/mbunuche, Wt/ig/onye nkiri, Wt/ig/Ịtụnanya, Wt/ig/Ịtụnanya, Wt/ig/Ejije Obiụtọ, Wt/ig/Ekpemekpe, Wt/ig/akpaka, Wt/ig/ude isi ọma, Wt/ig/Onodu nkwekọrita, Wt/ig/ọchịchị otu onye, Wt/ig/Nke akaekpe, Wt/ig/Nke akanri, Wt/ig/Nke akanri, Wt/ig/nkwughari, Wt/ig/Onodu nkwekọrita, Wt/ig/nkuzi asụsụ, Wt/ig/nchekasị ahụ, Wt/ig/obi umeala, Wt/ig/nghọta mkpụrụokwu
Number of repeat participants 4 Number of repeat participants 4


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well? the business center that participants used was very efficient
  • What did not work so well?there was delays due to my ill health
  • What would you do differently next time? I will give more time for projects just in case something delays


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

  • Payment for of Laptops: 375 (N142,500)
  • Payment for data: 480 (N182,400)
  • Payment for business center: 565 (N214,700)
  • Payment for Food and drinks: 300 (N114,000)
  • Payment for Wikipedia souvenir: 80 (N30,400)
  • Total: 1800 USD (N684,000)

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds? No

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project? No