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We are very happy with the outcome of the event. We met most of our goals, although to various degrees. The event was featured on the local news which has raised awareness about the project for next year.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
40 new editors approx. 50 Our target was based on the number of students in the class that worked on this project. The achieved outcome accounts for community members who dropped into the event at Modern Fuel. The number of new editors is higher than the attendance at the event because it includes student who participated in the project but did not attend the event at Modern Fuel.
50 participants on the day of event approx. 30 We are not sure why our numbers were not what we expected. It may have something to do with the location of Modern Fuel. The previous year, the event was held on-campus and we based our target on those numbers.


Overall, the event went well. We were particularly pleased with the student volunteers who helped organize the event and, some of whom, continue to edit Wikipedia. The majority of participants came from the University, so next year we will do more to reach out to the Kingston community. We offered childcare, however no participants brought children. We will also do more to reach out to parents in the future. While there was a lot of activity on the day of the event, we lost momentum after. We had hoped that participants would continue their conversations on the Art History Facebook page after, but that did not happen. Next year, we will consider making a Facebook page specifically for the event to encourage more interaction from the Kingston community.


Grant funds spent[edit]

240 CAD on childcare

200 CAD on honoraria for guest speakers/workshop facilitators

approx. 220 CAD on food and drinks

Remaining funds[edit]

The approved budget was 790 CAD, so there is 130 CAD remaining

Anything else[edit]

This public event was the culmination of a semester long course that used Wikipedia. It was an opportunity to bring students and the Kingston community together to work on a shared project. Students learned how to edit over the course of the semester by researching and writing Wikipedia articles on artists from marginalized groups. Volunteers from the class shared their knowledge with people from the community who attended the event. Since the event was on a Saturday, it was not mandatory for students to attend. However, since the Wikipedia assignment was mandatory, all students in the class were responsible for creating a page. We are considering holding the event on a weekday this year.