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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2018-19 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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I am happy as I met the desired goals which I am expected from this Conference. Another important thing which makes me more confident that this Presentation is selected for Best oral Presentation Award in the Conference. My main focus was about the Outreach activity of Wikipedia Education Program among the Participants of this Conference & I was able to make the Communication with them and convinced them to Start Wikipedia Education Program in their Institution where they are engaged.


Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Total attendees 93 Attendees 93 Attendees from 26 Countries attended the conference in 2 days.
Presentation Attendees 7+10=17 Attendees As the all presentation paper are divided into many sub category my presentation is categorized into “Engineering Education & Learning” along with six more papers. Besides this 6 participants there were 10 more listener who found interest into my presentation abstract and session chair were present during my presentation.
Outreach Collaboration 6 Details Explanation are given below

Specific Engagement[edit]

Name Institute Discussion Status
Dr. Mostafa Azad Kamal Bangladesh Open University Wikipedia campus engagement Opening soon
Dr. Silvio Carvalho Neto Centro Universitário Municipal de Franca Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil Ongoing
Baasantogtokh Batsaikhan Ministry of Education Mongolia Planning to Start WEP in Mongolia with the help of Education Ministry Ongoing
Prof EO Mashile University of South Africa Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil Ongoing
Dr. Eric P K Chan City University Hong Kong Wikipedia Education Program in Hong Kong Ongoing
Dita Sari School Teacher, Indonesia Wikipedia Education Program in Indonesia Ongoing
Tsai Chen-Yu PGD Student, Taiwan Wikipedia Education Program in Taiwan Ongoing


  • What worked well?
The main Objectives of this Project was to make potential Outreach activities in Wikipedia Education Program as well as present the Presentation on the Selected topic which is “Wikipedia- Advanced and authentic educational tool” the main goals fulfilled as to make the audience knowledgeable about Wiki Project specially Wikipedia, Wikipedia Education Program, How Wikipedia is Working & to remove some myth busting related Wikipedia. After my presentation i have to answer some audience who are by profession Teacher related the myth busting about Wikipedia. The Conference got another importance in different way as it is one of the key conference in Asian region included some focal points of Education in Asia & i got the opportunity to collaborate with some educators from Hong Kong,Taiwan & Indonesia. Besides this i was able to Communicate with faculties from Brasil, South Africa those are Outside of Asia. Another important thing was to make a Contact with a representative of Ministry of Education in Mongolia who is interested to start Wikipedia Education Program in Mongolia.
  • What did not work so well?
I had a plan to minimum 10 Participants for personal Communication in order to Outreach activities. But due to hard time management of conference i was able to communicate with 6 Participants for Outreach activities fruitfully.
  • What would you do differently next time?
I have plan to focus on Outreach activities by attending more Conference like this as this type of conference increase more Outreach collaboration as well promote the goals and objectives of Wikimedia Movement. Next time i am planning Online Edit-a-than + Workshop during this type of event which will create more involvement into the movement.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Details Cost($)
Flight 1236.50 invoice from T&T
Hotel 171.13 invoice from T&T
Registration 420 Already sent to Grants Team
Food+Transportation+Etc 204.30 Already sent to Grants Team
Total 2031.93$

Remaining funds[edit]

NO. Flight+ Hotel+ Registration Fees are paid by Grants Team in advance. Waiting for the Reimbursement for Food+transportation+Etc Cost.

Anything else[edit]

News On outreach Wiki: Wikipedia Education Program in ICETC 2018 , Japan