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Grants:Project/Rapid/WM MA/Wiki Loves Africa 2020 in Morocco/Report

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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2019-20 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit Grants:Project/Rapid/WM MA/Wiki Loves Africa 2020 in Morocco.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email rapidgrants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Overall, we have met our initial goals, especially taking into consideration that it is the first time that Wikimedia Morocco has organized Wiki Loves Africa. Therefore, we are very glad with how the project went and would like to thank every one who helped.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of participants: at least 100 people. 146 (75% are new participants) WLA 2020 in Morocco statistics
Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons: at least 450 photos 825 photos WLA 2020 in Morocco statistics
Number of photos uploaded: at least 50 should either be high quality or of a not previously photographed. 192 quality images Quality images from Wiki Loves Africa 2020 in Morocco
Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects: at least 5-10 % of the newly high quality uploaded images 124 are used (15% of total uploaded photos) WLA 2020 statistics


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?
    1. One of the things that worked well was that we wrote to the national press in 3 languages (En, Fr, Ar) to spread the word in Morocco and here are some example of what they wrote about the contest: medias24.com - leseco.ma - aujourdhui.ma - alminassa24.ma
    2. Another thing that was tried was the promotion of the event in social media by aiming at people interested in photography and are based in Morocco.
    3. We have also tried a new strategy by using our social media platforms together with info-graphics presenting the rules of the competition and how to participate. You can find some examples at this link.
    4. we have also organized a photowalk in Morocco (Ait Melloul - Inezgane - Agadir) that was very successful . Please check the results dashboard for more information. (note that some uploads were missing in the statistics and are wrongly not counted). You can also see picture of some participants :at this link.
    5. The Jury work went very well and saw the participation of several fans of photography. The tool (montage) worked pretty well too. Here you can find the top 10 images in this contest and Here you can find a link to all photos from WLA2020 in Morocco.
  • What did not work so well?
    1. The contact information of the participants were not provided by them. It was difficult to contact them afterwards.
    2. The quality of the uploaded photos could be improved compared to the total number of uploaded photos .
    3. Low uploads number due to Covid-19 situation and the imposed quarantine in Morocco.
  • What would you do differently next time?.
    1. For next year: contact details should be required.
    2. Quality of the photos should be required for eligibility.


We received a total amount of 7 357.53 SEK (773,00 USD) in addition to 67,91 SEK (7 USD) left from WLM 2019.

Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

  • Event promotion on social media: total of 405 SEK (41 USD)
  • Gift cards(contest prizes): 3,509 SEK (350 USD) in total
    1. 1st place, 2004.48 SEK (200 USD)
    2. 2nd place, 1006 SEK (100 USD)
    3. 3rd place, 499 SEK (50 USD)
  • Compensation of the jury members: 2171 SEK (225 USD)
    1. Amazon gift cards x 5 : 434.23 SEK (45 USD) for each gift
  • A photowalk: total of 959 SEK (101 USD)
    1. Transportation 560 SEK (59 USD)-Includes one ticket round trip to Inezgane (a Morocco city) for one of the organizers
    2. water and snacks 29 SEK (3 USD)
    3. lunch 264 SEK (27 USD)
    4. Coffee break 106 SEK (11 USD)
  • Incidental: 619 SEK(62 USD) in total
    1. Banking fees: 120 SEK (12 USD)
    2. 2 symbolic gift cards, 499 SEK (50 USD): 1 from top 10 (20 USD) and 1 highest uploads (30 USD)

This sums up to a total of 7,663 SEK (779 USD) spent during the project.

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

No funds remained, however, due to exchange we paid 137 SEK(14 USD).

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?