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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia Participation Support process, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).

User name
Simon van Studinski
User location (country)
Event name
Event Web site
Event date(s)
From Friday November 11, 2011 to Sunday November 13, 2011
Event location (city)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Amount requested
Equivalent of 550 USD/392 EUR
Wikimedia Denmark

Budget breakdown[edit]

Item Price
Admission 70 USD/50 EUR
International transport 110 USD/78 EUR
Local transport 35 USD/25 EUR
Hostel 60 USD/43 EUR
Total 1 person 275 USD/196 EUR
Total 2 persons 550 USD/392 EUR

Proposed Participation[edit]

Wikimedia Denmark would like to let two board members (me and da:Bruger:Steenth) participate in FSCONS 2011 - a Nordic event covering free software in Gothenburg, Sweden. At this event we will be able to discuss a variety of issues concering Wikimedia's projects with people who has a genuine interest on the subject.

We will establish a stand with other Nordic Wikimedia chapters and have a Nordic Wikimedia meeting.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

  1. Help people understand Wikimedia's projects better - including free licenses, editing, contributing and re-using.
  2. Recruit new contributors to Wikimedia's projects.
  3. Hold a Nordic Wikimedia meeting.
  4. Recruit new members for Wikimedia Denmark.
  5. Recruit new members for other Nordic Wikimedia chapters.

Generally we hope the project will help us use the free software community and help them using us. This is done through our common Nordic stand where we will tell and show people about the projects.

We will consider this project a success if we have 100 discussions and recruit 5 new members for Wikimedia Denmark. However impact on people may be hard to measure so these numbers are merely estimations.