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Wiki Movimento Brasil

Participant connections[edit]

This was not only my first Wikimania but the first time I participate in an event of this size and diversity. I have certain difficulty in initiate communication with people, so this event was a great opportunity to learn how to break the ice since we all have interests in common. Users Shani Evenstein, Andrew Lih, Jenniferjuniper, Mr.Ajedrez, AKibombo, Beat Estermann and Asaf Bartov are just some people that come back to my mind when I think about this event; They have been doing amazing work and I hope we can contribute to each other in the future to improve the growth of our communities.


I shared my experience with Wikimania with wikipedians on edit-a-thons. The experience aquired at Learning Days have boosted my willing to organize events. I'm co-managing the communication of Wiki Loves Monuments in Brazil this year and organizing an edit-a-thon on this topic for the next month.

  • I presented a keynote with GiFontenelle about the fire at the Brazilian National Museum;
  • I made a presentation about the process of a GLAM and wikidatification and;
  • I participated in a panel organized by Shani about Wikidata and Education.

Anything else[edit]