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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia Participation Support process, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).

summaryPresent a poster on a new labs tool to visualize etymological relationships that I have developed
event locationPerth, Australia
event date(s)3-7 april 2017
amount requestedUSD 3182
home countryItaly
submitted on19:36, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

At the 2017 Wiki Workshop I will give an oral presentation about etytree, a multilingual interactive Labs Tool that I am developing to extract and visualize etymological relationships between words using data from the English Wiktionary. A paper "Etytree: A Graphical and Interactive Etymology Dictionary based on Wiktionary" will also be included in the Conference Proceedings, with 3 coauthors.

As my project has been completed in its first phase, I would like todisseminate it, and reach as many people as possible. In particular I would like to encourage users to test it and I would like to find new volunteers that can contribute to the tool's improvement and maintenance.

A screenshot of the tool in the Tool Labs

Users can interact with the tool and search and explore word meanings and etymological relationships. Below I am attaching a screenshot of the visualization for the English word coffee.

A screenshot of the etymological tree of word coffee as extracted by etytree from the English Wiktionary

Goal and expected impact[edit]

The interest of this tool lies in its potential as a tool to discover new words in new languages and new connections between words, using data contained in Wiktionary in new ways. While Wiktionary is by definition a "Collaborative project for creating a free lexical database in every language, complete with meanings, etymologies, and pronunciations", as it is stated in its home page, in its current state it is not a machine readable database: it is written in a very clear and standardized way, with some language editions following strict standards others more loose standards, but substantial efforts are required to automatically parse its content.

The final result of the project I will describe is a database of lexical data and etymological relationships extracted from the English Wiktionary and a tool to interactively explore the database in a way that is potentially language independent and shows the content of Wiktionary in new ways. We hope this talk will make people interested in this new way of looking at Wiktionary and in the new Wikidata Project Etymology which goes in parallel with the Wikidata for Wiktionary project.

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel (round trip airfare from Bari (Italy) to Perth (Australia)): USD 1500
  • Accommodation: USD 80 per night x 5 nights = USD 400
  • Conference fee: 1282 USD (1700 AUD)

Other instructions[edit]

I would need advance disbursement to buy tickets and pay the conference fee.


  • Interesting and important too to check and advance in the use of etymologies in any wiktionary, as well as other related parallel projects like wikidata or wikisaurus Bandeira Nunca M C3 A1is.png Sobreira (parlez) 14:23, 26 February 2017 (UTC)