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Event name[edit]

Wa Kiwix Project

Participant connections[edit]

The general attendance for the training scheduled for the 30th November, 2015 was overwhelming, as the participation of the students were beyond our expectations. We had about 800 students in attendance, of which about 45% were girls/women.

The enthusiasm to grasp knowledge was very motivating. I led the session on Wikipedia Zero, which sounded very interesting to them. Lots of questions were posed and lots of experiences were shared. We left highly motivated to have affected the lives of others who keenly sought knowledge.

A follow up survey is however scheduled for two weeks after the training to draw feedback and suggestions that may inform our decision for similar activities in other schools.


We are confident majority have left enlightened, although we have also had the opportunity to learn more about their school and as a result being able to write an article about their school here (Wa Senior High Technical School on Wikipedia).

You may also find images of the event and school here

Feedback from survey[edit]

As reported above, a survey has been completed and submitted here for your information.


My personal funds was used to cover the expense for the trip in anticipation of a reimbursement after. Details of expenditure are explained below;

Item Budgeted Expense (GHC) Actual Expense (GHC)
Return flight 700 690
Tamale to WA and back to Tamale by road 60 44
WA to school/destination and back to WA 30 30
Feeding for 2 days 100 100
Accommodation for 1 night 100 100
Internet Cost 205 205
Transportation to airport - 30
Total Cost 1195 ($331) 1199 ($331.25) 994 ($274)

A total reimbursement amount of $331.25 $274

Amount left over[edit]


Anything else[edit]

It was insightful and exciting that these kids are ready to learn, and it is also our joy to be of help to them!