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Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!



French Wikipedia


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?

One of the sessions I attended will be very useful for my project starting next month in Senegal. All of the sessions were very interesting. of course, but the following one is particularly relevant to my project: Wikimedia DE presented their TrainingsKit, and I am now in the process of adapting it for the project I will be running in Senegal in October. I will be training young Kiwix ambassadors who will then go out to schools to present Kiwix and offline Wikipedia. I will use their feedback to further develop this "African" version of the German TrainingsKit. The project Grant is described here:


Those days were like a whirlwind, and I met a large number of people. I will not list everybody here (no offense intended, but you are just too many). I was happy to be able to reconnect with Linda Fletcher from Afrocrowd NYC, and hope to be able to collaborate with her on some future project related to Africa.

Anything else[edit]

I gave one presentation, a rapid talk on the subject of using a browser based phone emulator to teach about mobile Wikipedia in school where smartphones are banned. The slides are placed on Commons:

Giving the talk was fun, and I was able to continue the discussion with a few participants, and that part was quite enriching.

I gave a presentation in the Health Space about a trial project in northern Senegal which I supervised from Switzerland. A young Kiwix ambassador visited a few health centers and local hospitals up North, and showed them how to use the Internet-in-a-Box device which is basically a small wifi hotspot containing medical resources. These can be accessed using a mobile device in areas with no internet coverage.

I also presented a poster about my offline projects in Senegal, offline Wikipedia for schools and the WikiMed project described above. The poster is on Commons:

The poster session is a great time to meet other wikipedians and share with them what you are doing!

GastelEtzwane (talk) 15:40, 25 September 2019 (UTC)