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Event name[edit]

Wikimania 2019


Giovanna Fontenelle

User Group Wiki Movimento Brasil

Participant connections[edit]

I attended Wikimania 2019 as a GLAM Space Leader. For that reason, I made connection with really interesting or useful people even before the event.

During the event, I was in charge of two presentations on the GLAM Space and was a participant in one more, at the Education Space.

The first presentation I did was the Mini Keyone that opened the GLAM Space: What we did when the National Museum in Brazil burned. In that, Eder Porto and I talked about the Museu Nacional (National Museum) fire in Brazil and how the lusophone community got together to save the collection of the institution in a Wikimedia campaign.

The second presentation I did was the workshop Bootstrapping the Worldwide Inventory of Heritage Institutions, also at the GLAM Space. In that, Beat Estermann and I presented our project "Sum of All GLAMs" (now also called "Wiki Loves GLAMs) and had an activity in which we talked with the participants about the role they could have in a project like that, involving heritage institutions.

The third presentation I did was panel organized by Shani Evenstein about Wikidata and Education, in which me and other six wikimedians talked about how our Wikidata projects affected Education.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?

I believe the most important outcome of my participation in the Wikimania 2019 was the establishment of the draft of Wiki Loves GLAMs project, connecting my project with Beat Estermann (Sum of All GLAMs) to the folks of FindingGLAMs. In this new project, we plan to do a campaing to connect all the GLAM institutions to Wikidata, cleaning, tidying and adding their metadata, so the information about those institutions is well enough to be replicated to the Wikipedias of all languagens in a strucutred way. For that, we are using and developying Wikidata Templates.


This was my second wiki event outside my country. For that reason, I believe my network grew a lot. I met in person, for the second time, some very interesting wikimedians like: Shani Evenstein, Andrew Lih, Richard Knipel, Mike Peel, Sandra Fauconnier, Nicolas Vigneron and Luca Martinelli, among many others.

I also met for the first time other wikimedians. For exemple, Jennifer Juniper Sutcliffe, Kelly Doyle, Beat Estermann, Asaf Bartov, Jean-Frédéric, Maarten Dammers, Lane Rasberry, Alicia Fagerving, John Andersson, Andre Costa and Axel Pettersson, among others.


I pretty spent the money I received with transportation, mainly subway, tram and bus. I also spent it with food (snacks, drinks and dinner). Some Wikimedians and I always had dinner together to keep the conversation going even after the event. I also bought some materials I would use during the event, like pens, markers, post-its, sockets, adapters, etc. No money was left over.

Anything else[edit]

Slides for my two presentations: