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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



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Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to a new tool that you and your co-participants worked on at the Hackathon, or to pages created in a workshop you participated in).
  • Research:Editor Behaviour Analysis & Graphs/Ideas/Edit Content, lists some of the ideas interesting ideas I was able form from wikimania. They could explore some very useful & interesting questions like who adds citations and when in an article. Using techniques from the graphs that I've already built we could then try to look at questions like at what experience levels do editors start adding them, has tools like the VE made it easier & how does it compare when we look at the older editors vs the editors who have joined the movement farily recently.


I got to meet a lot of people who were interested in my work. I also got a lot of new ideas from the conversations I had and the connections I made at wikimania. I'm lisiting a few of them below.

  • User:Sadads suggested the citations related idea I've mentioned above.
  • Rita Ho has given me a lot of valuable feedback to improve the UX of the graphs I'm working on.
  • Manuel_Merz_(WMDE) & I are hoping to collaborate by using techniques from my work to try to answer more behavioral questions related to editors.

I gave a talk about some of my work regarding editor behavior I'm currently doing (links below). It was well attended, it was one of the critical issues talk. I was able to talk to a lot of people interested in similar work thanks to the talk.

Anything else[edit]

  • Link to the presentation I had prepared for the talk at Wikimania 2016.
  • The video of the presentation.