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Grants:TPS/MetalBrasil/Campus Party 2012

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User name
Mateus Nobre
User location (country)
Event name
Campus Party
Event Web site
Event date(s)
Feb 6 - Feb 12
Event location (city)
São Paulo
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
  • Strong support Strong support. I fully support this and I will help Mateus to recruit people to this planned hackaton. This is also interesting to my job as one representant of Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil and things I am doing here to form a datajournalism working group. --Tom
  • Pietro Roveri 17:59, 23 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Jonas Xavier.
  • Strong support Strong support. MetalBrasil is a very active and trusted volunteer in Wikimedia Brasil. Besides that, he lives in a part of the country where we have no many others volunteers engaged in offline activities or in the chapter formation. This could be a wonderful opportunity to create relationships that can be useful for development of our programs in the Northeastern region. CasteloBrancomsg 19:30, 23 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support. Mateus is a very active and engaged volunteer, and I believe that this project will need his participation in order to have a chance at success (note: I am not involved in the decision-making process and make this endorsement in my individual capacity outside of my role at WMF.) Kul 20:37, 23 December 2011 (UTC)

Budget breakdown

  • Travel: USD 580
    • Round-trip economy class ticket, from Fortaleza to São Paulo. It's almost three thousand kilometers - 1,865 mi (yeah, Brazil is really big); this explains the high price of the ticket, addition to taxes.
P.S.: The tickets price grow up week to week. I cannot guarantee that price for long.
  • Accommodation:
    • No need for granting.
  • Local transportation plus promotional material: USD 70
    • Subways, Buses, taxis, etc. For five days + promotional material (some leaflefts and banners)

Proposed Participation


About the Event


Campus Party is the biggest event about Internet in the whole Latin America, with seven thousand attendees in 2012 version (tickets already sold out). It'll happen in Anhembi-Morumbi University campus (one of the biggest São Paulo's Universities), where the people camp for a week, sleeping in a tents zone at night and participating at the event area all day long.



The public is the internet users. We have a great participation of programmers, but not only. Also Internet users in general, bloggers, gamers, active users of social network, and common internet lovers seeking for a good time. Summarizing, all attendees are medium-to-advanced web users, precisely the sterotype of a WMF volunteer.

About me


Mateus Nobre, using the ID MetalBrasil in Wikimedia projects. Native of ptwiki, started editing in 2010, and soon became interested to help in a broader scope. Volunteer of Wikimedia Brazil since early 2011, as a supporter of formal chapter creation (at this times WMBR was divided in two "parties", supporters and non-supporters of a formal legalization). However, I get a scholarship to Wikimania 2011 in Haifa, and met six other volunteers of WMBR, members of the two parties. After some days of discussion, the community present there get a consensus, deciding legalize the brazilian chapter. Since there I became a really active Wikimedia Brasil volunteer, in planning the near chapter, creating and co-creating a lot of new projects, helping in the development of the Statute and attending Wikimedia Brazil plus Wikimedia Foundation meetings.

About me at the event


Based on the fact the Campus Party's public is youth-to-adults, medium-to-advanced web users, my main focus will be the recruiting.

We have to avail the crowd of that event (7,000 people) to enlist the potential contributors to Wikimedia Foundation Projects, with the bonus that all the attendees fit in the sterotype of a WMF's volunteer.

Wikimedia Brazil always had the absolute majority of volunteers from Southeast (we can call South Brazil here). It's a problem because the decisions are always privileged and limited to that area, forgeting the North Brazil. Since I'm a volunteer of Brazilian Northeast (we can just call North here) - by the way, One of the only two active ones - Having North-brazilian volunteers is essential to not forget that part of the country.

It's proposed to have a recruiting & interactivity strategy in several ways at the Campus Party Brazil:

Wikimedia Brasil Stand


We're seeing (with special help of Kul Wadhwa) about having a own space at the event zone, a stand, along with the great companies which stay at the event hall (most ones multinational giants of computation/hardware , like Intel, present in all previous versions). A stand in the event zone will increase significantly the general interest of the participants, just by itself.

If the stand is possible, I'll stay there most event. Some ideas for the stand:
  • Contests envolving Wikipedia
    • Answer this question about Wikipedia, if your answer is the correct one, win a prize (Idea: how much time do you think, on average, does a vandalism take to be reversed on Wikipedia?)
    • Reference the article faster, worth a toast
    • More correct vandalism reversions in 30 minutes, win a prize.
    • Increase the article about Campus Party at the end of the day, worth a toast
    • Accounts made in the Campus Party BR with most editions at the end of the event/week, win a prize.
    • etc....
  • Chat with the passers: Conversing about Wikipedia, convincing to do accounts, etc.
  • Promotion of others Wikimedia Projects: Wikibooks, Commons, Wikiversity, Wikisource, etc...
  • Seeking potential partnerships (an event of internet and technology probably has potential partnerships to Wikimedia Brazil)

Live interviews


Tradition of Wikimedia Brasil. It consists in interviewing lots of random people, and talk about Wikipedia and them ideas about free knowledge, open software and open science. Slow and really conversations. We have the chance, after really listening the interviewees's opinion, remove possible false ideas about Wikipedia, clarify them ideas, and maybe convince even. And get a precious data, the reasons why them don't edit Wikipedia, which will be analyzed later and will contribute to the maturation and betterment of the ptwiki community.

Wikimedia Brazil Interviews at 2010: [1]

Lectures & Talks


Kul Wadhwa will do a lecture at Campus Party, representing Wikimedia Foundation and presenting the local community too.

Besides the lectures, Wikimedia Brazil will organize by itself some talks, in small groups, at the open side of the event (lawn). Will work like "mini-lectures", but in a more informal way, casual, interactive and participatory. This talks will involve, beyond the Wikimedia Brazil volunteers, the ones who eventually became interested in WMF's projects. It will be clarification n' help talks, stimulating the present public to become volunteers of the Wikimedia Brazil.

Hackathon: The Planning meeting


Kul had the idea of a Hackathon in Brazil, soon he told to a group of Wikimedia Brazil (me, Jonas and Argenton). The idea is to have a meetup to plan the brazilian Hackathon, it would perhaps happen at April-June 2012. That hackathon would be the first one ever organized by Wikimedia at Brazil. We will use this planning meeting to eventually enroll some programmers there, and get new volunteers to that Hackathon and to MediaWiki.

Goal and Expected Impact


My main focus will be the mass recruitment, but I'm involved with several activities not related to enrollment. The goal will be popularize the Wikipedia in its target, and eventually get new editors, and accomplish the other activities, listed below:

  • Get a reasonable number of new volunteers
  • Ensure to popularize and remove any false ideas/prejudice about Wikipedia and related projects.
  • New ideas to the others Wikimedia projects (Wikibooks, Commons, Wikiversity, Wikisource, etc.)
  • Partnerships with the technology enterprises there present.
  • Interviewing random people, get them real opinion about Wikimedia projects, free knowledge, open software, open science.
During the interview:
    • Remove the prejudices and false ideas about Wiki(p/m)edia
    • Clarify our objective
    • Stimulate the use of free knowledge and open science
Afterwards, with the data:
    • To know why the people doesn't contribute Wikimedia yet, and based on it, try to go better.
  • Attend the lectures, always giving the Wikimedia vision
  • Chat with the others participants, interact.
  • Plan the 2012 Hackathom with Kul and others volunteers of WMBR.
  • Have a general meeting (also with the Foundation, feat Kul Wadhwa and Jessie Wild).