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Grants:TPS/Niharika/Open Source Bridge Conference

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Open Source Bridge Conference
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24 - 27 June, 2014
Event location (city)
Portland, Oregon
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
USD 2500 (request for advance disbursement)
The community of programmers, community managers, designers, sysadmins, and open source architects at Open Source Bridge ought to hear about this best practice in localisation/internationalization. Representatives from WordPress, Drupal, Linux, Mozilla, and other high-impact open source organizations swap tips at OSB, and I want them to learn from us to support non-English speakers better. And I think Niharika's communication skills and resourcefulness make her a good candidate to represent us and make the most of this trip. Sharihareswara (WMF) (talk) 18:45, 29 April 2014 (UTC)
By helping users to find content in their language, Niharika's work is closely connected to our goal of providing access to the sum of all human knowledge. Given the level of multilingualism of our projects with more than 200 languages, the experience on the project is worth sharing with the Open Source Bridge community. Pginer (talk) 17:09, 5 May 2014 (UTC)
Reidab (talk) 01:57, 7 May 2014 (UTC) I'm one of the co-chairs of this year's Open Source Bridge conference. Niharika's talk proposal was well-received by our selection committee and we would very much like to see her be able to attend and speak. We feel that Wikimedia's work on localization and usability can serve as a valuable inspiration for other projects and would love to hear more about this project.

Budget breakdown

  • Travel expenditure: USD 2100 (round trip)
  • Lodging expenditure: USD 70 per night x 4 nights = USD 280
  • Total: USD 2100 + USD 280 = USD 2380 = USD 2500 (Approx)

Proposed Participation


I have been involved with the Mediawiki community since October 2013. My OPW project with MediaWiki was Compacting the Interlanguage List. My mentors were Sucheta Ghoshal and Pau Giner. After completing my OPW project, I continue to be involved with the MediWiki community and be a FOSS user since. I am now a participant for Google Summer of Code 2014 for TimVideos organization.

At this event, I will be talking about the vast number of languages that Wikipedia supports and caters to, which triggered the need for a compact interlanguage selector tool. I will be discussing the things we kept in mind while designing it, and I will be going over the implementation of the same. Since this project makes use of the compact ULS, I will be discussing it briefly too. I will encourage attendees to checkout the project, now a beta feature on all Wikis and give feedback for improvement of the same.

Goal and Expected Impact


My talk proposal can be found here: http://opensourcebridge.org/proposals/1250. It has been accepted for the OSB 2014.

My talk focuses on describing my OPW project with MediaWiki. I will focus on why it was necessary to make a smarter language selection tool and how it benefits users. Also, with a bit of detail, I will be discussing its implementation and how we procure the data necessary to determine which languages might be most relevant to a user. Also, I will discuss the feedback we have received on the project by the community and ask people to give it a try as well.