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Grants:TPS/Noopur28/Libreplanet 2014

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Libre Planet 2014
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22-23 March
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Boston, Massachusetts
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USD 1000
This talk has been accepted into the program for LibrePlanet 2014 - Libby Reinish, Free Software Foundation.

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel
Return ticket from New Delhi - Boston - New Delhi = USD 1,000 (approximately)
Food & accommodation will be covered by me = 0

Proposed Participation[edit]

I am a Wikipedian and a GLAM professional working currently with Khoj International Artists' Association, a contemporary arts institution in New Delhi India. I took the initiative of setting up a Wikipedia oriented internship at my institution. We just finished the first round (three months) of the internship and very successfully trained an art history student to write some key biographies of contemporary artists from India. Encouraged by this we plan to take the entire archive of the institution online under Creative Commons. After that we hope to begin the next round of Wikipedia based internships with a different level of difficulty and probably move our audio-visual content to an open access archive like Pad.ma My talk at Libre Planet 2014 is primarily to discuss how institutions like Khoj are breaking the idea of "Archive" into smaller archival activities that make it less threatening for artists to embrace open access and share their content.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

As is already visible in the first round of the internship, some really valuable articles were created by combining texts and sources from our archive with Wikipedia. My goal as a GLAM professional at Libre Planet will also be to see if I can get help visualizing the extent of contemporary Indian art content present on Wikipedia. I recently led a Wikipedia edit session at a hackathon and my team produced visualization of violence against Indian women as presented on Wikipedia. Once we know the lacunae, I think the internship and programming within my institution can be modified to make it work better.

  • Disclaimer: While I am a paid employee of Khoj International Artists' Association, the intern/s are not employees/contractors/paid editors and are selected on the basis of their enthusiasm and availability only. Also, the reason I am applying for a grant is because Khoj is a non-profit that is unable to fund my travel and FSF (Free Software Foundation), the organizers of Libre Planet do not have travel funds either. If FSF do manage to raise some funds for me, I might have to revise the grant amount.