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Event name[edit]

EMWCon Spring 2017

Participant connections[edit]

All people I met were so great, so kind, and so interesting (and I'm not just saying that). This event just showed once more, that MediaWiki Cons are driven by a great community. My thanks go out to the organizers Bernadette (my saviour), Yaron (the great), Chris (hello), Mark (thank YOU) and of course Cindy (my darling taxi driver), also Bob and Tina for a deep and ongoing insight about foreign cultures, Maker Spaces and Cuban cigars.

Besides these (personally) very promising connections, of special interest were/are

  • I got more close aquainted with Lex Sulzer, we are still in loose contact about an exchange about structural views on Enterprise MediaWikis. We are also pl,aying with the idea to organize SMW Fall 2018 or 2019.
  • Chris got me hooked in watching the development in the community closer.
  • With Yaron I'm currently in talks about co-moderating one of his projects for GSoC2017
  • Cindy and I plan to revisit generation and maintenance of Entity Classes in Enterprise MediaWiki in Summer or Fall; also just recently it came up to work together on extension mw:Extension:DisplayTitle
  • Finally Gergő Tisza and I had a very productive short session about the new Authentication and Session Handling an day 3. This rekindled the idea for me to create a MIT Kereros Login mechanism.


On Grants:TPS/Learn Point 3.3 it is suggested, to create a blog entry. On my talks with some of the attendees I noticed, that some where reluctant to participate (passive or active). This was my motivation to create


with a very subjective view in hopes to lower the entry barrier for others. I hope, some people find it useful.

Also there were the two talks with all attendees present (~40):

Which you can watch in full on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImBkwziNm2A

I also participated in creating https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/MediaWiki_best_practices

Finally I got some useful input and feedback for my current project (see talk #1) and now I'm optimistic to release in fall.


Item Amount
Budget 1.115,00€
Flight -601,93€
Hotel -482,33€
Remaining 30,74€

Amount left over[edit]

30,74€ (see above)