Grants:TPS/Raystorm/2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships La Molina

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2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships La Molina
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February - 20th 27th 2013
Event location (city)
La Molina
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1035 euros

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Accommodation: Cost per day: 95 euros. 9 days (19-28 February). Total cost: 855 euros.
  • Food: Cost per day: 20 euros (10 euros each). 9 days (19-28 February). Total cost: 180 euros.
  • Total: 1,035 euros.
  • We require funding in advance.

Proposed Participation[edit]

This is a budget request for two Wikimedians (Raystorm and LauraHale) to attend the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiiing World Championships at La Molina, Spain. Attending this event as accredited media is key to developing the Australian Paralympic history project on a global level by creating a case study for a national sport organization outside Australia, and aids in getting a non-Australian Wikipedian accredited to attend the Sochi Paralympics. The request follows the availability of media accreditation announced on Monday, 14 January, and a meeting set up by LauraHale with Comité Paralímpico Español regarding developing a similar programme in Spain on Tuesday, 15 January, in Madrid. CPE agreed to facilitate media accreditation for this event to save time.

This event is more cost effective to send a long-time Spanish Wikipedia contributor to than the 2013 Sochi Test event in Russia in March in order to gain Sochi accreditation. It fits within a time frame of availability of a experienced Wikimedian with the History of the Paralympics in Australia (HOPAU) GLAM project as LauraHale is already in Spain, and has been since 1 January independent of efforts to do this project. This is just taking advantage of her presence in Spain and the World Championships being hosted here to learn her know-how and develop a case study in Spain.

(We have not asked for any funding to any national Paralympic committee or the IPC for assistance for this. Granting this budget request would be important in order to avoid any accusations of COI by going elsewhere for funding assistance, or self-funding leading to accusations of COI. This is vitally important in light of the Gibraltarpedia situation.)

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

The objectives would be to:

  • Provide case study for Comité Paralímpico Español (Spanish Paralympic Committee) for the development of a programme similar to the Australian HOPAU programme; and
  • Attain media accreditation for Raystorm to attend the 2014 Sochi Paralympics as a Wikimedian.

The deliverables to accomplish objectives would be:

  • 2 articles on English Wikipedia and 1 article on Spanish Wikipedia associated with winter Paralympic sport in Spain nominated for GA by the end of the March;
  • Articles created about all notable (per WP:GNG and WP:NSPORTS) Spanish para-alpine skiers on English Wikipedia;
  • Articles created about all notable (per WP:ASR) Spanish para-alpine skiers on Spanish Wikipedia;
  • Updates to English and Spanish Wikipedia for existing notable active members of Spain’s Paralympic ski and snowboard team;
  • Translations of the para-alpine skiing, para-alpine skiing classification and at least three specific para-alpine skiing classification articles from English to Spanish Wikipedia;
  • 250 pictures uploaded to Commons for winter sport;
  • 10+ of these pictures used on at least 10 articles in 2 or more languages for Wikipedia;
  • Headshots of all Spanish Paralympic team members competing;
  • Headshots of at least three non-Spanish, non-United States, non-Oceania competitors for articles on English and Spanish Wikipedia;
  • 15+ English Wikinews articles of which at least 6 will be interviews, with at least 1 not being about a Spaniard;
  • 2+ Spanish Wikinews articles;
  • Audio versions of all interviews done uploaded to Commons for use outside Wikinews;
  • Organize a bilingual English and Spanish IRC workshop; and
  • Organize a Wikimedia meetup in La Molina.

These plans have been discussed with the Comité Paralímpico Español who have promised to make their skiers available to us for an interview. Beyond that, the Australian Paralympic Committee will be contacted to see about potential interviews to continue to support this project.

Historically, the HOPAU project has led to increase user participation with a number of new female contributors, a mention on the floor of the Australian Parliament, increased media and student use of Wikipedia for research purposes, 1 million page views on English Wikipedia during the Paralympic project, a write up in the University of Canberra’s university magazine profiling Laura Hale, image donations to Commons used across multiple projects, mentions of content by Paralympics and the International Paralympic Committee on Twitter, encouraging other national groups to improve related content, increased participation on Wikinews and increased activity in covering disability related issues and sensitivity in making Wikipedia more disability friendly. While the same cannot be guaranteed as a direct outcome from this event, by providing a case study for use by the Comité Paralímpico Español, similar goals could be accomplished when institutional support can be put behind it like the HOPAU GLAM programme enjoys with the Australian Paralympic Committee.

  • Notes:

1. LauraHale is currently in Spain and will have been there for approximately six weeks prior to the start of the event. Her eventual travel back to Australia is not being requested. (LauraHale is willing to discuss offwiki why she is currently in Spain.)
2. Train travel to La Molina from Madrid will be paid for out of pocket by the participants.
3. The food budget is partial costs to make the event a bit more affordable.
4. The cost of the hotel is based on the media price for a double occupancy room as organized by the event organisers.[1]
5. If the committee decides to only fund one person, it should be LauraHale. I can later hook up with her and she can relay her experiences. It will not be as good as first-hand experience, but she has the know-how and I don't. The difference between funding only one of us or both is 10 euros a day for food and 25 euros a night for accommodation, though.