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Event name: Libre Graphics Meeting 2014. International meeting of users, designers and developers of free software


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to new articles, tools, or collaborations that happened).

We participated, together with 'Gráfica Liebre' studio members, giving a workshop called "Please feed the monster! Creating and improving graphics for Wikipedia with FLOSS tools" scheduled for Friday April 4, from 12:10 to 14:10 PM, and on April 5 afternoon, a talk called "wikiArS, involving art & design schools in free knowledge wiki projects", scheduled for the same day, from 15:50 to 16:00 PM (attendance ~60). Both were proposed and accepted in the official program. We also participated as attendants of the rest of talks and workshops and of informal meetings with people participating of the event, from April 2th to April 5th. Participants in the workshop were 10 (15 counting organizers) and several of them uploaded material to Commons:

Previously, we set up a Commons page ( to show participants some suggestions of what they could do during the workshop. A gallery of photos of the workshop can be seen here and we also created a category for photos of the whole event. In the workshop we looked for graphics that could be done in a couple of hours and not require expert advice: we proposed vectorize coats of arms of cities close to Leipzig, typographical schemes or maps of urban parks in the city. Participants chose the first two options and mainly used Inkscape to create vector images then uploaded to Commons using the UploadWizard adapted for wikiArS. Also noteworthy is the contribution of one of the participants who used the language Haskell to generate SVG graphics, publishing the code in a subpage of Commons for anyone who wants to create variants.

In the talk, which was part of the ten minutes lightning talks, we exposed what was the wikiArS initiative, how it had developed so far, some examples, the triple supervising model and resources ready to use for those who want to start the project in their city or country. After our talk and workshop some people meet us showing interest in starting a similar experience in their field of action and we may soon see the start of wikiArS in other places around the world.

Besides the talk and workshop, go to the LGM was a chance for us to learn more about free graphic projects. The more established programs toolbox creator explained their news and future plans: retouch software and drawing bitmap as GIMP and Krita, program design and vector drawing Inkscape, Scribus layout program, the modeling program, 3D animation, rendering and video editing Blender and font creation program Fontforge. As well perhaps less known programs as Darktable for photographic treatment, Synfig Studio for 2D animation, Laidout for page imposition, G'MIC for image processing, MyPaint for bitmap illustration. We were also able to know the " Machinery Commons " project that develops resources and generates proposals to preserve the metadata of published works on the Internet and to maintain context information associated with the work.

The presence of wikimedians in the LGM was low; only us and a german guy, Felix Pahlow, were involved directly with the Wikimedia movement, however most of the attendees had a positive idea of Wikipedia, it was cited in some workshops or talks as a reference, and some of the attendees has an account. We think that Wikimedia Commons could be the meeting point of the two communities, the coincidence of principles on free culture make us think that in the coming years we should work for greater collaboration between the two communities and we tried to transmit this idea during the event. By now we are also writing a chronicle of our participation in LGM to publish in our communities blog, when available we'll link here.


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Total 472,76€ 529,68€ 1002,44€

(we travelled together with 3 members of Gráfica Liebre Studio and we share the hostel with them and buy some transport tickets together to get cheapest prices, this is why some receipts are for 5 persons and we divided it to extract our costs)

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