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Rodelar (Rubén Ojeda) and Dvdgmz (David Gómez)
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Libre Graphics Meeting. International meeting of users, designers and developers of free software for design.
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Event date(s)
April 2-5 2014
Event location (city)
Leipzig (Germany)
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USD 1574 (1146€)

Contact person: Marcos García. marcos at

  • Wikimedia Spain has expressed support to the project.

Contact person: Jorge Sierra. jorgesierra at

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel:
    • 1 Travel air ticket Madrid-Berlín Roundtrip 144USD (105€)
    • 1 Travel air ticket Barcelona-Berlín Roundtrip 218USD (159 €)
    • 1 Transportation Berlín-Leipzig Roundtrip 110USD (80€)
    • 1 Transportation Berlín-Leipzig Roundtrip 110USD (80€)
  • Accommodation: 1 shared apartment with 5 people. 1093USD (805€) / 5 = 218USD (161€) per person, so 218USD x 2 people = 436USD (322€)

During the LGM, lunch won´t be covered by the organization (see so we budget an amount per diem, we think it´s an adequate way to control the expense and it facilitates the accounting to WF. In case we don´t spend all the money, we will return it.

We ask the money in advance due to work circumstances, so we don´t have enough economical resources and part of the costs (flights) are already payed.

Are there additional sources of revenue that will fund any part of this project?[edit]

Libre Graphics Meeting provides the rest of the organization requirements for the workshop. Libre Graphics Meeting covers some of the travel costs as well; we've asked for that but they can't promise that LGM will be able to fully cover it this year. If finally LGM covers that we will return this part to WMF.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

Merchandice material of Wikimedia projects for LGM attendants (pins, pens, etc for people attending LGM 2014. Estimated: 100-200 people). We will conntact to Wikimedia Germany to know if some of their members will attend LGM and if they plan to bring merchandise. Otherwise will be great if WMF could send it.

Proposed Participation[edit]

wikiArS initiative started in 2011 to involve Schools of Art & Design in the Wikimedia Movement Goals. In 2013 an IEG from WMF allowed to consolidate the initiative improving documentacion, tools and resources. Now the initiative is ready for its internationalitation. After first experiences in Catalonia, Cadiz joined the initiative in 2013 and this Academic Year we are promoting a new node in Madrid with the collaboration of MediaLab-Prado and its Gráfica Liebre group. Wikimedians from other countries have shown their interest in the initiative.

Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is an opportunity to spread the project for an international audience committed with graphic design and free software. Moreover is a chance to test and receive feedback about a workshop using free software and producing graphics for Wikimedia Commons; a methodology that we want to introduce in wikiArS initiative in collaboration with Gráfica Liebre.

Rubén Ojeda (historian, member of Wikimedia España) and David Gómez (design teacher, artist, member of Wikimedia España & Amical Wikimedia) are wikimedians and promoters of wikiArS in Madrid and Catalonia respectively. David can explain the experience of 3 Academic Years of the initiative in Catalonia and Rubén can explain the first steps to launch the initiative in Madrid in collaboration with Gráfica Liebre team. Being togheter in Leipzig is an opportunity to work as a team, share our experiences in Madrid and Catalonia and to evaluate the learnings of the workshop with FLOSS community.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

Libre Graphics Meeting has accepted our proposal of a presentation and a workshop for the official program. The presentation is called "wikiArS, involving art & design schools in free knowledge wiki projects" and the workshop "Please feed the monster! Creating and improving graphics for Wikipedia with FLOSS tools". We will do both interventions on April 4th. See program:

Thanks to the presentation, we expect to explain wikiArS to libre graphics community and to get their attention on Wikipedia graphic needs and Wikimedia Commons as a repository and creators community, and at the workshop -drived by members of MediaLab-Prado Gráfica Liebre and Wikimedia España- we will work in the creation and improvement of images with FLOSS tools. These archives will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. We would like to incorporate FLOSS in wikiArS methodologies and this workshop could be a pilot scenario to develop a workflow for that.

We are following the steps of Lila Pagoda that with her participation in LGM last year in Madrid introduced Wikimedia projects in LGM (see her report: Grants:TPS/Lpagola/LibreGraphicsMeeting/Report). Finally, we also want to attend and participate in the rest of presentations and workshops to learn from the FLOSS community and to know more deeply the state of the art in this area.