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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



Odia Wikipedia


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
  • Wikimania experience was shared with the help of a story through Storify in different social media accounts. The story includes the meetups and sessions I attended and insides of those events with some memories.
  • Discussion about Wikimania with Bhubaneswar WikiTungi (Wiki Club) members on 17-07-2016.
  • Discussion about Wikimania with Puri WikiTungi (Wiki Club) members on 17-07-2016.

Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?

This Wikimania was very important to me during the conference I attended many sessions and learned important things from each session. Here I have noted the sessions which were important to me during Wikimania 2016.

Learning Day
  • Gender gap initiative by Wikimedians in Greece and How with the help of She Sharp they're encouraging Wikimedians to write about Women in Technology.
  • Editor retention will be more if they're addressed to their respective or thematic subjects.
  • Learning pattern is important as it acts as our case study it doesn't mean whether we prefer our failure or success.
  • For a single project we can write two learning pattern, one with unique point of review and other with another side of review.
  • I was always afraid to write and publish a learning pattern, because I thought whether it will be important for anyone or not, but this short session by Vassia inspired me to write learning pattern below which I use with the help of Wikipedia iOS app.
Share an image (iOS app feature) was always a good option for Odia Wikipedia to engage its Twitter followers but after a new update in iOS app that feature was not available. During Wikimania, I met Nirzar from WMF and I shared my problem with him, then he shared that there's is a new option available for iOS called ' Share a fact ' which is way better than share an image by sharing important facts of a Wikipedia article in the form of an image in social media accounts with a link to the article.

I have created a learning pattern on How to use Share a fact to engage social media accounts of Small Wikipedias.

Workshop-Engaging local Wikipedians

This was one of the best workshop or the best workshop I attended during Wikimania.

  • I got to know more about activities that Wikimedia Deutschland Chapter and German Wikimedians are doing, Gender gap, LGBT contents, to have regional co-ordinators, meetup space and how they meet monthly.
  • Sister City collaboration was one of the idea which came out during the discussion where Wikimedian of sister cities will help each other in doing activities, guiding them in the movement etc.
  • I got to know about Open Bus project by Wikimedia Ghana and Wiki Loves Africa and Wiki Loves Women by Isla.
  • There was also a discussion about the activities done by Wikimedia Bangladesh.
  • I also got to know about NCO by Wikimedia France.
  • I shared my open experience about How Odia community is attracting mobile editors, bridging the gender gap and developing from last few years.
Wikimedia Asian Month
  • There was a discussion to have Wiki Conference Asia.
  • Starting the second Wikipedia Asian Month editathon.
  • Pros and Cons of so many user groups in a single country.
Going mobile and keep editing

It was one of the important session for me during Wikimania where I was able to deliver the complaints and recommendations of the community. According to a survey conducted for recognizing the editing medium for Odia Wikipedians, It was found that 45% of total editors are mobile editors. There were few complaints from the mobile editors community which I addressed during Wikimania.

  • Autosave draft versions of your edits. When someone edits for a long time due to internet loss his/her information gets deleted.
  • Have single-step saving of edits on mobile
  • Unable to create new articles on Mobile Apps, There no sandbox available. One has to go to the mobile browser create an article there and edit on Wikipedia app.
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
  • During Wikimania, I met Tighe from Wikipedia Education Program and discussed with him on how to spread awareness about WEPs in India and to do a skill building or ambassador training workshop for all Indic language Wikipedia. This discussion with Tighe resulted in Education Program in India panel discussion by Tighe for Wiki Conference India 2016.
  • My Interaction with Rosie during lunch on the opening day was really helpful for me, I got to know about Women in Red project and I assured her that there will be a Women in Red list for India on which am working with various community members. I have messaged at least 5-6 community members from 5 different Indic languages Wikipedia from which 2 members have started editing the list, Wikipedia Women in Red India list.
  • I met Lydia during the Lessons learned building... session by Amir Sarabadani, where Article Placeholder in Odia Wikipedia was mention after the session I asked Lydia, How can we improve or help article placeholder ? She replied that Adding and translating label and Properties will help Article Placeholder. I'm going to organize a Wikidatathon in my University where we will translate at least 200 labels in Hindi, Odia, and Bengali.


A gift from Reema during Wikimania.
  • In the first day I met Sherry from Wikimedia DC and AfroCrowd, I shared my Wikimedia experience with her and got to know about AfroCrowd.
  • I have been volunteering to Wikipedia Education Program newsletter team, During Wikimania, I met Maria from WMF.
  • I met Alex from WMF and discussed TWL and some GLAM tools during the learning session.
  • Met some Indic Wikimedians after one year gap and some new Indic Wikimedians.
  • I had a discussion with Santiago from Wikimedia Espania regarding their various projects.
  • Made few good friends from Brazil, Celio and Vitor.
  • I met Addis and discussed starting WAM this year on Odia Wikipedia and after Wikimania, I started handling twitter account of WAM.
  • There was a good connection with, Nahid, Tanveer, Pratya from Wikimedia Bangladesh.
  • Liang's activity with medical students in Taiwan inspired me of doing such work in my volunteer level.
  • Kenrick was the one whom I found every time noting each and every important point of the session he attended.
  • I met Reema during Learning day and while Wikimania I discussed Wikipedia Education Program, WEP Collab and How she's doing activities in Egypt.
  • I had also discussed Wikimedia movement in India with Edward from WMF.
  • There were lot of Wikimedians I met during Wikimania and It was awesome experience for me, From each Wikimedian I got to know different unique activities of their projects.
  • I attended Friends of CC meetup during Wikimania where I met many volunteers of CC, got to know about their projects and scope and activities of CC in India.

Anything else[edit]

  1. Interview with a local news paper.
Coin collection

I'm a coin collector and during Wikimania, I got currencies from 18 different countries. While exchanging currencies I got know about symbols and their meanings. There was a special moment when Katherine gave me 2 Mexican Pesos while having lunch. She was sitting with Wikimedia Espania community and Santiago shared that I collect coin, I was sitting next to her table She came and handed 2 Mexican Pesos.


Esino was a very beautiful place and I have captured almost 200 photographs and uploaded 67 photographs to Commons. More image can be found in this category