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User location (country)
Event name
XVI Encuentro Nacional CONEICC (16th National Meeting CONEICC)
Event Web site
Event date(s)
March 6 to 8
Event location (city)
Monterrey, Nuevo León
Amount requested
$570 USD
Wikimedia México

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Round flight Guadalajara - Monterrey - Guadalajara:[1] USD $200 [2]
  • Accomodation: USD $55 per night x 4 nights = USD $220 [3]
  • Meals: USD $30 per day x 5 days = USD $150

Proposed Participation[edit]

The "Consejo Nacional para la Enseñanza y la Investigación de las Ciencias de la Comunicación (CONEICC)" is one of the most important institutions on research of comunication sciences in our country, they extend and invitation to Wikimedia Mexico to participate in their annual meeting in Monterrey, Nuevo León were are summoned researchers, students, academics and professional of comunications. Unfortunately, they don't have support for transportation and accomodation.

We think that presence of Wikimedia Mexico in that important event can extend knowledge about our goals and projects in our country, specifically in the north where we have less representation than other parts of Mexico. Besides, we can make new alliances and get more supporting people.

Currently, I am Wikimedia Mexico Board member. I have participated in this chapter since 2010 and I know the most of the developed projects.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

  • Extend knowledge about WMMX projects and Wikimedia goals in north of Mexico.
  • Create new alliances with comunications professionist.
  • Extend our web of supporting people, sympathizers and volunteers.
  • Probably, media coverage.


  1. 770 km between Guadalajara - Monterrey
  2. Estimated from Considering an intermediate price between most expensive and cheapest. Economy class
  3. Arriving 5, leaving 9. Including taxes. Monterrey is one of most expensive cities in Mexico, and haste of invitation makes difficult to find cheap prices in accomodation. For event I need stay in center of city area, that means higher cost.