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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Hungarian Wikipedia (

Attended sessions[edit]

  • Social Media One-Night Stand
  • WMCON Follow-Up Day
    • Future of the Wikimedia Conference
    • Volunteer Support: Growing and diversifying your communities through minority language editing
    • Communications: Global campaigning
  • Welcome reception
20 July. Conference - Day 1
  • Wikidata: building bridges every single day
  • Building tools to serve diverse users: Community Centered Software Development
  • #1lib1ref: Reaching 5 million librarians around the world
  • Helping new editors not to hit brick walls: a guide
  • Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons and knowledge equity
  • Design challenge workshop: How can multilingual structured metadata bring knowledge equity to Commons?
  • Using artificial intelligence to keep Wikipedia open
  • Sister project incubator - or, how to deal with knowledge gaps inherent in "What Wikipedia is not"
  • Creating Knowledge Equity and Spatial Justice on Wikipedia
  • What are the strategy working groups?, Strategy bar
  • WikiCite roadmap
21 July. Conference - Day 2
  • The Decolonizing Debate: Social Media as Source Archive and Wikipedia
  • Documenting rural areas by WikiTakes activities
  • What everyone can learn from Wiki Loves Monuments in the European Year of Cultural Heritage
  • Wiki Loves Monuments, Hands-on
  • Wikimedia Movement Strategy Space – Come & Tell - what needs to change in our movement?
  • Wikimedia and the spirit of Ubuntu: The power of unity in action
  • Meet the WMF Board of Trustees
  • Event organizers meetup
  • Strategy bar
22 July. Conference - Day 3
  • The Dangers of Supremely White Data and The Coded Gaze
  • Which parts of an article are actually being read?
  • Introducing Wikipedia to New Readers
  • Beyond the meat grinder: building better new editor experiences through research and dialogue
  • Building capacity with communities: WMF's Community Capacity Development program
  • Learn how to model the words of your language in Wikidata
  • Closing session


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
  • A short blog post about the Wikimania conference (in Hungarian)
  • Detailed report about the Wikimania 2018 conference (in Hungarian)
  • I share the collected information during the year on the Hungarian Wikipedia and on meetups with other volunteers, in the local chapter (Wikimédia Magyarország) and in its board with members of the chapter. I use what I have learned when I organize meetups, events, article writing or photo competitions, or start collaborations with partners.
    • I organized a Board Meeting, where I summarized my talks and discussions I made on behalf of Wikimedia Hungary on Wikimania with staff members of the WMF, with other chapter representatives and with organizers of other Wikimedia communities. Based on what I learnt on Wikimania, I also summarized the most important news about the Movement, about the movement strategy and other news related to the Hungarian chapter.
    • I organized meetups for the Hungarian community (in November and in February), where I shared my experience, and we discussed how can we implement the collected ideas in our next year plan (see the new creation part).

Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
  • One of the main goals of my participation on Wikimania was to learn as much as I can about editor retention and motivation of Wikimedia contributors. Therefore I participated in all programs related to this topic and discussed with people (volunteers or staff members from other Wikimedia affiliates) about their experience. I used this experience to prepare the editor retention program of Wikimedia Hungary.


I had talks and discussions with different staff members of the WMF (as representative of Wikimedia Hungary). Beside the formal discussions, I used the possibility to talk and meet as many friends, partners and other stakeholders from inside and from outside of the movement as possible. I think, the possibility for building personal, face-to-face connections is one of the most important feature and advantage of Wikimania. I had longer discussions and planning sessions with two long-time Wikipedia editors and chapter members, Bdamokos and Tgr about the Hungarian community and the future of the Hungarian chapter (both of them live far from Hungary recently, and Wikimania was the best place to sit together).

Anything else[edit]