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Wikimédia Magyarország

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Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület


Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary) is the Hungarian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, founded in 2008. It shares the mission of the Foundation in aiming to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally - with a special emphasis on Hungary. Its activities involve lectures, outreach events, projects aiming at improving the quality of Wikimedia sites and advocacy for better copyright legislation in Hungary and the European Union.

Founding history


The Hungarian Wikipedia community started discussions of creating a chapter in May 2007 at Wikipédia-vita:Wikimédia_Magyarország. A lot of research has been invested into finding the right form of corporation. The discussions regarding a Hungarian chapter have been intermittent, and the idea came up at every Wikimedian meeting since someone first came up with the idea.

In July 2008 a small group it was time to act, and gathered a 35-strong planning team to do the necessary research and groundwork for the community so they could most effectively voice their support for a viable project. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages it was decided that an Association would better suit our current needs and capacities than a Foundation; this is the form of association that best conforms to the ideals set out by the Wikimedia Foundation for its chapters. Wikimédia Magyarország should be an organisation of public utility and thus be eligible to donations of 1% of one's income tax. For eligibility in 2010 in most public tenders and under the law regulating this form of donation the chapter should be created by the end of 2008.

Keeping this in mind, the planning committee has set a strict timeframe in which to finalise a draft of the bylaws presented to the community alongside explanatory documents outlining the reasons behind the planners' decisions and the benefits of having a chapter. If the community approves this, the bylaws should be presented for registration as soon as possible, but preferably before the end of September.

We held our founding meeting on 27 September 2008, and declared the foundation of Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület at 14:46 local time. The papers were handed in at the Metropolitan Court of Budapest on the next Monday, 29 September. The Court approved our bylaws on 3 November and we are officially incorporated as an association of public utility on 24 November.

The Chapters Committee and the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation has also approved us as an official chapter on 3 November 2008.


  • September 27 - Founding meeting (20 founding members)
  • September 29 - handing in the papers at the Metropolitan Court
  • November 3 - approval by the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation; WM Hungary is from this moment a recognised chapter
  • November 3 - the Metropolitan Court approves the incorporation of Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület and classified it as an association of public utility
  • November 24 - the Metropolitan Court's decision finalises the incorporation of Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület as an association of public utility.



Officers of the Association


Elected on 21st November, 2020.

Contact information


Website: https://wikimedia.hu/

Blog: https://blog.wikimedia.hu

E-mail: board@wikimedia.hu ; individual Board Members can be reached through firstname.lastname@wikimedia.hu and lastname.firstname@wikimedia.hu.

Postal address: Andor utca 21/C. fszt. 1, 1119 Budapest, Hungary