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Event name[edit]

CIINATIC (Congreso Internacional en Innovación y Apropiación de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones)

Participant connections[edit]

Presented with Racso from Wikimedia Colombia User Group. Two sessions were held: one talk (attendance ca. 60 people) and one workshop (ca. 30 people). One of the participants expressed interest in joining the volunteer developer team for Kiwix, which was one of the expected outcomes.


The computer lab was pretty much full

Attendance to the Kiwix training was higher than expected - if there's one learning there, it's that when talking about offline we should overshoot rather than underexpect. All participants were educators, which was the goal.

I'm currently working with Jorge Vargas at WMF Partnerships to send out a follow up survey to the participants so as to get feedback and numbers after one month of using Kiwix. Before the training started, we circulated a small questionnaire to get an idea of our audience:

Wikipedia usage and awareness
  • Participants who knew about Wikipedia before attending: 88%.
  • Participants who used it at least once a month: 79% (or 88% of those who knew about WP)
  • Participants who had ever edited Wikipedia: 9% (or 14% of those using WP at least once a month). Interestingly, 45% of all attendees had no idea one could edit Wikipedia.
Other projects
  • Awareness of Wiktionary or Wikisource: 12% and 0%, respectively :-/


  • Food & incidental : 200,000 pesos (approx. 68.7 USD/67.5 CHF)
  • Accomodation: 41 CHF (approx. 42 USD)
  • Transport: 239,900 COP (approx. 82.5 USD/ 81 CHF)
193.2 USD / 189.5 CHF

Amount left over[edit]

Amount requested was 485 USD, so we're well below budget (292 USD unspent)