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Straight to the point.

Widespread the wikimedia ideals for the public by pinning all the leaflefts of our ideals in all the tier of benches in the event;

 Kind of done, but with a tragic end. We pinned leaflefts in ten countertops around ours, getting a significant area. However, it was not all the area and we just achieved like 30% of whole six thousand attendees Campus Party. Actually, we just let for the another day and all of our material was simply stolen (!!!), including our banner and our folders of wiki-editing, in preventing us to keep working with them. Tragic story.

Get space to give a theoretical talk about the wikimedia ideals, free knowledge, free culture and why/how support it, so diffuse our ideals for gathers the potential volunteers in there;

 Done twice Not one, but two of them. We got two lectures in one of the various stages at Campus Party, named Cross Space, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lecture of Mateus Nobre focused on a historical approach of knowledge, and its consequent popularization until the ultimate free culture movement, as we as wikimedians are part nowadays. Showed Wikipedia as the sign of the sign of the free knowledge, revolutionizing the knowledge to an open feature, different to all its ascendancy. Everton, other present volunteer, gave a lecture about the importance of Wikipedia in the contemporany education system, criticizing the current model and showing Wikipedia as an alternative and excellent complement to that. Showed also the Wikipedia Education Program, which is his work as WMF consultant at Brazil.

Sign up a new wave potential volunteers to our mailing list, and keep them envolved till the next WikiBrasil 2013, where they will have a properly deep engagement;

 We most certainly did. We gathered a list of more than 40 e-mails, a record for our old reports!

Open a channel of discusssion to all the other free movements present, the first step to concrete possibilities of new partners;

Done We opened a channel of discussion sucessfully with EBC and Linux movement, and already achieved cooperation projects.

Get some project ideas/concrete projects and partnerships with the other movements present, expanding our horizons in the collaborative partnership activities;


  • with Brazilian Enterprise of Communication (EBC): As the major public communications business in Brazil, EBC agreed in creating a script for exporting all the news in its various websites, relicensing in CC-BY-SA-3.0 and exporting them all to ptwikinews.
  • with Linux Movement: Wikimedia Brasil agreed in creating a set of handbooks of how to installing the main distros of Linux (How to install Ubuntu, How to install LinuxMint, How to install Slackware, How to install Arch Linux, etc.). This material will be made at ptwikibooks, and after this, will be massively reused (printed and on-line) in all free software events, LinuxInstall festivals, and in Linuxwebsites everywhere, with due credits to Wikimedia Brasil.
Diffuse the wiki technique, distributing the material for those who are interested to edit, widespreading the ways to properly edit.

 Kind of done, but same tragic story We distributed folders in ten countertops around ours (like 30% of the event), but it ended in the same tragic story as the first point.

Get a interview in the midia for Wikimedia Brasil, focusing on our movement and raises visibility for us.

Done right here. EBC is the major communications public company in Brazil, and we got an interview posted on its website, with a CC-BY-3.0 as encore :P We also get others, not focused in WMBR but in Wikipedia, as this one in Estadão facebook, and this other one in Campus Party Brasil offical facebook.


What lessons were learned that could help others in similar events?

I confirmed one thesis I was reflecting and observing some time before. This was the main lesson, and, in my opinion, its a fundamental discovery for the whole Wikimedia Foundation. Approaches that focus in specific aspects of our movement, like wiki-edition workshops, Commons how-to-upload guides, Referencing guides, etc. - I will call this "micro approach" - are really inefficient and ineffectual when they are alone. We tried a new kind, a "macro approach", which focuses in broader aspects of our movement, our ideals, our objectives. Activities of the macro approach include lectures and expositions about our ideals, our "a priori".Lectures are the main method for this.

We had two macro lectures in Campus Party. 1. a historical approach of the encylopedical knowledge, closing with the revolutionary free wikipedia. 2. a critical approach to our education system, with Wikipedia as an improvement instrument.

We reached about 40 potential volunteers using the macro approach. They were collected by volunteerly giving us the email adress, for more information.

In the same event, we tried micro approach also. Wiki-editing workshop about free culture (improving free culture articles, which included Aaron Swartz). No one showed out. We always tried workshops in the previous versions, which had in the mnaximum 10 participants. No one nowadays is an active volunteer.

The main lesson is "Why know HOW to do something when you do not even know WHY to do this something?". I submitted a Wikimania to show this new thesis of public engagement here.

What impact did your participation have on the Wikimedia Mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?
  1. Increased Reach: We had two lectures in a official stage of Campus Party 2013. Beyond the attendees, they obtained strong repercussion in midia, including thousands of shares on Facebook (via the official Facebook of Campus Party Brasil), Estadão facebook, Olhar Digital, and Diário Digital, in Portugal, and others. We spreaded a thousand of leaflefts with short-impactating phrases about our ideals.
  2. Increased Quality: We tried an workshop that did not work out, as said above. There was not relevant activities in this point in our participation. Besides, we spreaded A3 folders about wiki-editing.
  3. Increased Credibility: We got one interview with Estadã which was said "how the Wikipedia defense system works" and why Wikipedia is not the chaos everyone thinks. Estadã facebook has eleven thousand likes and we were that.
  4. Increased and Diversified Participation: We had two partnerships and 40 potential volunteers, beyond some contacts.
Detail of expenditures
  1. Mateus Nobre:1) Air ticket round trip = BRL 801; 2) Subway/Bus tickets: 20 + 7 + 20 = BRL 47; 3) Cabs: 10 + 12 = BRL 22; 4) Material: 50 (leaflefts) + 38.25 (folders) = BRL 88; TOTAL: BRL 958
  2. Edilson Takano F.º:1) Air ticket round trip = BRL 338.52 2) Subway tickets: (2*3)*7 = BRL 42 3) Food 31 + 12 + 12 = BRL 55; TOTAL: BRL 435,52
  3. Jonas Xavier: 1) Air ticket round trip = BRL 862.60; 2) Subway tickets: (2*3)*5 = BRL 30; 3) Food = BRL 50; TOTAL: BRL 942.60
Amount underspent/left-over (please specify currency)