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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was not funded. Reasons have been communicated with the request submitter on the Discussion page.

statusnot funded
summaryneeds assessment for Internet-in-a-box for NGOs in refugee camp
event locationIsland of Lesbos, Greece
event date(s)17 August to 30 August
amount requested1300
home countryUnited States
submitted on19:35, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

I am a physician who uses Wikipedia and who will be volunteering at a clinic managed by an NGO in Greece. This is a clinic with limited access to Internet. I will be demonstrating a method for sharing Internet-in-a-box/Kiwix/offline Wikipedia to healthcare providers who need Wikipedia's health information.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

As a result of my project healthcare providers at this location will have access to offline Wikipedia and training on how to use it. Also, this project will serve as a model for other health care providers in similar situations.

Following this experience I will write a report of 1-2 pages and share it in a Wikimedia project for publication. Also, I have a survey for health care providers which I have used in similar situations, and will be surveying at least 10 health care providers about their digital media needs and what they think of offline Wikipedia. I will report the results of that survey.

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel (round trip airfare from x to y): USD 1100
  • Accommodation: USD 17 Euro per night x 10 nights = USD 200

Other instructions[edit]

  • I asked JRabah_(WMF) for a referral to the Wikimedia community in Greece. If they are willing, they could meet me and I could demonstrate how I share the Internet in a box device.


  • Support I am involved in this project with others. Right now I am at the Kiwix Hackathon with about 40 other people where we are developing offline Wikipedia tools and strategies. I coordinated the Wikipedia community side of the project described at "Sharing Wikipedia offline medical information in the Dominican Republic". There are at least 150 close to this project and lots of other people who are stakeholders in this. Right now, all of this participation is not entirely focused, but I think everyone would agree that something which everyone needs is in-person user testing of the concept. Sam is a physician who is already committed to going to clinics with his own money to be a wiki evangelist. We need more physicians testing this concept in these settings. For this project he is only requesting travel reimbursement for his flight. We could not purchase labor like his for 10 times this cost and as he is willing to give it freely only asking for travel support and a little accommodation, and as he has an established history of reporting offline Wikipedia use in clinics, funding this is a great value. Blue Rasberry (talk) 16:59, 14 August 2017 (UTC)

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