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Grants:PEG/WM ID/Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta/Coordination meeting

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Siska Doviana
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Project Director
Project lead name
Siska Doviana
Project lead user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Director
Full project name
(Indonesian) Pertemuan koordinasi
(English) Coordination meeting for Wikimedia Cipta
Amount requested (in USD)
US$ 0 (Please see Wikimedia Cipta budget)
Provisional target start date
December 2010
Provisional completion date
December 2011

Budget Breakdown[edit]

No Description Amount Unit x Amount Unit x Unit cost [Rp.] Total cost [Rp.] Total cost [USD]
A Communication (cellular) - person x - month x - - -
B Administrative expenses (print, papers / utilities) session x - - -
C Room usage x 20 session x 300.000,- 6.000.000,- 666,67
D Meals (food and beverages) x - session x - - -
E Centra administration and coordination (staff) x - month x - - -
F Recruitment specialist / project consultant 1 person x 20 session x 900.000,- 18.000.000,- 2.000,00
G Lokal transportation x session x - - -
I I.1 - Training allowance — Transportation x 35 session x 250.000,- 8.750.000,- 972,22
I.2 - Training allowance — Meals x 35 session x 250.000,- 8.750.000,- 972,22
Subtotal 41.500.000,- 4.611,11

Project Scope[edit]

Coordination meeting are meetings that occurs during the elaboration of potential project. This meeting often happened in informal basis. Not all meeting happened are successful, but as lesson learn WMID would like to have them in record. Several meetings that end up becoming a successful project actually a result of a lot of coordination meetings, including the unsuccessful ones.


  • Wikimedia Cipta Jakarta started out from experimentation project under the assumption that the growth needed in a certain languages Wikipedia can be increased using an intervention program ran by volunteers who are willing to take extra responsibility in doing project. These projects on a normal circumstances are not possible to do for multiple reason from extra responsibility in the larger scale of activity, need an on the ground committed team, or funding that one can not take from their individual pocket. Still using the same assumption that these volunteers are rare, we also think this volunteer are proud, need encouragement, reassurance, infrastructure, and given an organization standard to do projects.
  • The same thing also goes for Wikimedia Indonesia, as a young organization it also need professional consultant advise and help without being able to pay for this professional fee fully, therefore, meetings are need to take place to identify which professionals willing to help but still within our budget.
  • Additionally, external outreach need internal coordination. The absent of the organization's office to do meeting and the absent of employee willing to be around simply for the sake of occupying the office - will require a different approach in doing coordination. WMID see there are opportunities by not having an office is by doing coordination meeting to ensure all the 'loose' projects still knitted as one and reporting are still being done.

Target audience[edit]

  • Potential volunteers
  • Potential professional advice/ help/ service
  • Internal coordination within project managers

Project Goal[edit]

  • To identify volunteers
  • To identify potential projects
  • To identify professional help and contacts
  • To identify potential organization for project

Fit to strategy[edit]

  • Increasing reach.
  • Increasing internal coordination inside the organization

Other benefits[edit]

We believe by enabling meetings, we enable the volunteer to do project for fun as a side job, framed in a certain time scale, and in the same time keeping their neutrality, freedom, and independence to pursue other things in their life.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Potential project surfaces from the meeting