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Grants:PEG/WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2012

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Grants:WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2012[edit]

Legal name of chapter

Wikimedia Ukraine

Legal name of chapter

Wikimedia Ukraine

Grant contact name

Yuri Perohanych / Юрій Пероганич

Grant contact user-name or e-mail

Perohanych, director at wikimediaukraine dot org dot ua

Grant contact title (position)

WM UA Executive Director

Project lead name

Юрій Пероганич / Yuri Perohanych

Project lead user-name or e-mail

Perohanych, director at wikimediaukraine dot org dot ua

Project lead title (position), if any

WM UA Executive Director

Full project name

Wikimedia Ukraine Operation

Amount requested (in USD)

USD 18400 16900[1] 14500

Provisional target start date

April 1, 2012

Provisional completion date

March June 30, 2013

Budget breakdown[edit]

  1. Travels and meals for a Wikiconference and WMUA GM: UAH 13600 ~= USD 1700
  2. Publishing: UAH 32000 ~= USD 4000
  3. Wikiexpeditions: UAH 28000 ~= USD 3500
  4. Acquiring camera and accessories: UAH 12000 ~= USD 1500
  5. Souvenirs: UAH 4800 ~= USD 600
  6. Office supplies: 40800 248009600 UAH ~= USD 5100 3600 1200[1]
  7. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine: UAH 16000 ~= USD 2000

Travel and meal fees[edit]

  • Travel wikimedians from different Ukrainian cities for taking part in the Wikiconference which is planned in Kharkiv in April, 2012 and General meeting of Wikimedia Ukraine which is planned in Kyiv in December, 2012. A one way train ticket from Kharkiv to Kyiv costs about UAH 100 hrn (USD 20). So inviting 15 guests to Kharkiv conference will cost approximately 100 х 2 х 20 = UAH 4000 (USD 500), inviting 10 guests to Kyiv General Meeting – approximately the same UAH 4000 (USD 500). Total – UAH 8000 (USD 1000)
  • Also some travel costs are needed for wiki-workshops in Ukrainian towns and cities were we do not have active wikimedians yet UAH 800 (USD 100)
  • Accommodation fee. Booking a room in a two star hotel in Kyiv costs about UAH 320 for a person per night. In some cases participants could arrive to city in the morning and depart in the evening in the same day. Approximately we plan to book accommodation for 10 participants, this will take about 320 х 10 = UAH 3200 hrn (USD 400)
  • meal (coffee breaks) UAH 1600 (USD 200)


  • Publishing manuals, booklets, and other production about WM projects UAH 12000 ~= USD 1500
  • Publishing a promotional album «Стежками Вікіекспедицій» («The Wikiexpeditions Paths») - UAH 20000 ~= USD 2500

Wikeexpeditions fees[edit]

  • Meal and petrol. Accordingly to our previous experience consumptions for one expedition are about UAH 2000. We are planning to conduct 2 expeditions per month in warm seasons, so in 7 warm months this year we need 7 х 2 х 2000 = UAH 28000 (USD 3500)

Camera with accessories[edit]

We need a camera with accessories to make photos for Wikimedia projects, including photos during Wikiexpeditions and diuring Wiki Loves Monuments Competition. This will cost about UAH 12000 (USD 1500)


Pens, T-Shirts, cups, souvenir badges etc: UAH 4800 ~= USD 600

Office supplies and running[edit]

  • Fees for preparing monthly reports to state (outsourced to the auditing company) 12 x 600 = UAH 7200 (USD 900)
  • Fees for assistant to Executive Director: UAH 1600 (USD 200) per month or USD 2400 per year[1]. The job duties include:
    • co-operation with the auditing company
    • co-operation with the bank
    • co-operation with e-payment systems
    • preparing the monthly income and expenditures reports to WM UA members
    • dealing with papers (receipts, letters, agreements, acceptance certificates etc)
  • Staff for dealing with digitalizing voluminous publications that could be published in WM-projects under free license UAH 12000 (USD 1500)withdrawn [1]
  • Buying printed encyclopaedian books for WM UA Library: UAH 1600 (USD 200)
  • Toner cartridges, paper, envelopes, stamps: UAH 800 (USD 100)

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Ukraine[edit]

  • Total amount : UAH 16000 (USD 2000) - prizes and promotional.

Project scope[edit]

As a young chapter, Wikimedia Ukraine needs support for providing its activity. As it is mentioned in a report for our previous grant, uk-language Wikipedia had a remarkable gain of Page Views, a growth curve of contributors, but in the same time the amount of active wikipedians in uk-language Wikipedia is not as large as it is desirable. This expects more and more promoting actions and projects from us nearest time, such as wikiexpeditions, workshops, wikiconference, distributing promotional papers..

Project goal[edit]

The goals of this project are

  • to popularize Wikimedia projects in Ukraine
  • to involve GLAMs, science and ethnographer associations to Wikimedia movement

Non-financial requirements[edit]


Fit to strategy[edit]

Office and travel supplies are aimed to maintain and improve functioning Wikimedia Ukraine and coordinating of its members. This corresponds with such priority as stabilization Wikimedia’s infrastructure.

Publications of promotional materials are aimed to outreach more and more persons and organizations, involve them to Wikimedia movement, increase participation in Wikimedia projects.

Wikiexpeditions are expected to give us thousands of photos and a lot of interesting information about history and ethnography of our regions. This materials being uploaded to Wikimedia projects (incl. Commons) will improve quality of WM projects. Wikiexpeditions also allow us to outreach local authorities, and those who are exploring the local history, geography, ethnology etc.

Also we regard regular wiki-expeditions as innovative step in gathering free knowledge which correspond with such priority as encouraging innovation.

Other benefits[edit]

We believe, our actions may also persuade content owners to free up their material and therefore we could enrich the value of Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Measures for Wikiexpeditions:
    • number of illustrations uploaded to Wikicommons (per expedition, total)
    • number of towns/villages/places documented (total)
    • number of articles improved with materials from Wikiexpeditions
  • Measures for the camera:
    • number of illustrations made with the camera and uploaded to Wikicommons (per year)
  • Measures for Wiki Loves Monuments:
    • number of participants
    • number of illustrations uploaded to Wikicommons
    • number of publications in press.
  • Measures for Staff dealing with digitalizing voluminous publications
    • scope of the digitalized free materials
    • number of pages created/improved with such materials

We will consider this project as successful if we achieve further growth of active users, enrichment of our projects with a remarkable number of significant materials.


  1. a b c d according to Asaf Bartov's insistence 1, 2
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