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This midpoint report has been accepted. Congratulations on completing the first 3 months of this Individual Engagement Grant!


Hi Micru and Aubrey, thanks very much for this thoughtful and thorough report! A few thoughts/questions:

  • Your methodology section is wonderful. It really gives us a great sense of where your energy is focused, and your thoughts on pragmatism etc. should be inspiring to anyone attempting a project similar to this one in the future. Same goes for the learnings you're sharing - I'm appreciating the way that you're sharing the challenges as well as how you're meeting them, particularly because communications and partnership challenges are something that so many projects do come up against.
  • I appreciate the images, numbers and links you've included throughout the report as well, these really help us understand the work you're doing, give a clear sense of shape and scale, etc.
  • I'm glad the budget is on track and finances look good. Don't forget to save your receipts from the travel expenses for submitting with your final report in 3 months.
  • Given that you mention a shift in your approaches and some of your focus, based on what you've learned (which I think is great, by the way, because one of the best signs of a well-run project is the ability to update plans and thinking as you learn new things!), I'm wondering about how this might impact your timeline or measures of success as currently scoped. For example, are there things you'd like to change/add in the timeline for the coming 3 months? Are you thinking about measures of success for this project any differently than you were before? Is the vision document still an intended outcome, with the focus of it becoming more around defining a set of future projects, or do you have something else in mind now? If you do have updates, please feel free to make them on your main IEG project page - let's consider that a living plan.
  • Interesting reflection about recognition and the motivations that a grant can lend to your project! Thanks for sharing these.

Congratulations on the first 3 months! Looking forward to what the next 3 will bring to Wikisource. Siko (WMF) (talk) 20:06, 19 July 2013 (UTC)