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Report accepted[edit]

Hi eranroz &Ravid ziv! Thanks for submitting your final report, and apologies that I'm only just now posting this acceptance and comments here :)

Some brief feedback:

  • Thank you for raising the point about community adoption in your report - gadgets are definitely something that we see experienced editors using more than new editors, and I can see how VE adoption by experienced editors is likely to take more time, and thus VE-compatible gadgets also....perhaps your project just came a bit ahead of its time :)
  • In your report you mention the 5 gadgets you worked on as part of this project. Can you add any stats about which language wikis are using these gadgets so far? I understand you were disappointed by the uptake of these, but am just curious if you can share more concrete data about which, if any, communities did install any of these gadgets.
  • It seems like one of the most useful parts of your project was making accessible global gadget stats - congratulations for making that happen! Here's hoping that you or someone else picks up the idea in the future to further develop that aspect. I also imagine that the guide you produced will be useful infrastructure for the future - thanks for making VE code more accessible through your documentation! Interesting to see that sometimes the smaller things can have a larger impact :)
  • I note that your project summary and grantee reflection sections are both still empty (first and last sections of your report page). Neither of these are strictly necessary so we're accepting your report regardless, but I would of course be curious to read a few sentences on any general impressions you care to share about the IEG experience as a whole if you choose to update these sections later.

Congratulations on completing this 6-month experiment! We've learned a lot from your project and I hope you did as well :) Best wishes to you both, and here's hoping to see you on-wiki again soon, Siko (WMF) (talk) 23:25, 15 September 2014 (UTC)Reply