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1. A description of the proposed change:
The 6th months contract with our employee (Bojan Jankuloski) past (actually, will pass at the end of February). Board's decision is: Bojan Jankuloski is still employee for the tasks he is doing well, and other person will be hired for administrative tasks in the next 6th months, with legal contract, because we need one. Note: We are not asking for more money, we will just use and split the amount we already have approved, in the next 6th months.

2. A clear description of the special circumstances that require this change:
After several days of reviewing and discussion of the employee's work, the Board of Shared Knowledge become aware of, that the employee didn't finish the administrative tasks as expected or didn't finish them at all. This kind of duty for our employee is in his job description and he is payed for that. Actually, he did finish the urgent ones, with a help of a person chosen by him, who is not even member of Shared Knowledge. The members of the Board don't like this situation, because this is violating of the part of the contract about confidential of the internal data and other legal issues.

3. A clear description of how this change will affect other aspects of your project, including your project budget and your project's goals and activities:
Bojan Jankuloski is not fired, he will be relaxed with less schedule, but for less money. Let the person who will work on administrative tasks for Shared Knowledge be hired by Shared Knowledge, with legal contract, and will have to report to the Board directly. The new situation would help to the project's goals and activities to be done at time and with less lose of time and energy.

Regards, - Violetova (talk) 17:16, 27 February 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hello, I`m Toni Ristovski, Board Member of the Shared Knowledge and project manager for Wikiexpeditions. We started with our first Wikiexpedition in Negotino and its region in April. You can see photographs about this successful Wikiexpedition already on this category (uploaded around 400 photos). We have and project page on Macedonian Wikipedia, on which we have a little description about our journey, photos from the people who has been in Negotino and a list with the new articles about this region (this is not finished). So, because we decided to go two times in this region and because we didn`t have to sleep in the town, we saved about one half of the money projected in our budget for this one Wikiexpedition. Also, for our third planned Wikiexpedition in the region of Mariovo, we successfully organise and buy cards for cycling tour around this region, so we will make a significant savings about this expedition, because we go with our bikes, sleep outside in tent with our sleeping bags and buy a food in supermarkets for couple days. So, because of all this, we think that is better to spend this money on additional equipment for our camera and tent for third Wikiexpedition. Savings from this two Wikiexpedition will be around 400 euros, so we plan to buy additional equipment for our camera in sum of 260 euros and for tent and other equipment for this unusual Wikiexpedition with bikes in Mariovo we plan to spend around 140 euros. Equipment for the camera is flash, which is necessary for our second planned Wikiexpedition in town Kratovo, who has a lot underground tunnels, old towers and bridges, also this flash is good for nocturnal events. Tent and other equipment for third planned Wikiexpedition is necessary for going to this cycling tour because all cyclist will be sleep in own tents and sleeping bags. Personally, I think that buying this tent will be good for other Wikiexpeditions in the future (next year again), because in our country we have a lot of regions who don`t have any hotels. This equipment will be paid with money from this two Wikiexpeditions, money from the other two will be spent according to the annual plan. Best regards. --Ehrlich91 (talk) 20:48, 22 April 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi Ehrlich91. Thanks for your request. Can you please post it on the discussion page of the grant itself? This way we can keep track of all discussions related to the grant. Thanks, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 22:08, 22 April 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Reallocation: Project Management & Web Dev[edit]

We are at the end of our reimbursement submission process and nearly finalized our PEG budget from the 2015 Art+Feminism March editathons. We have one final request that has not been paid out yet. We have underspent the PEG, so we are requesting that it be reallocated inside the PEG and IEG.

Our most recent update from our fiscal sponsor WM US DC indicates we have a current balance of $2,567.58, with one remaining payment left. We expect this payment to be about $120, with a likely $30 wire transfer fee. We believe this will leave at least $2400 in the account, which is the amount required for the the reallocation.

We have some reflections on how we ended up under budget that will go into our final report, as will a discussion of our underestimation of the hours required to pull off this event (both from the PEG and IEG side). At this time we would like to request that we reallocate our remaining PEG funds to pay for some of unexpected costs we encountered both on the PEG and IEG site.


  1. We hired a project assistant to take some of the PEG project management and accounting load during the two weeks leading up to the event, and afterwards. As per above, overall, we found that we underestimated the hours required and bringing this project assistant on was the only way we were able to get through that period without exhaustion and catastrophic failures(!) Again, we will reflect on this aspect in our final report, and propose revisions for next year, but for the time being we would like to request to pay this $1400 cost (70hrs @$20/hr) out of the remaining funds in our IEG budget. This is a PEG cost, and will be included in that budget.
  1. We hired a web developer to install and configure the Social Hashtags plugin, that made the social page possible ( We were intending to pay their $1000 fee through the IEG grant, though that would substantially cut in to our Designer line item. This is an IEG cost, and will be included in that budget.

Thank you.--Theredproject (talk) 19:00, 7 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hrm. I followed the instructions, and it posted here. I note the comments above, and I have reposted this request on the PEG talk page.--Theredproject (talk) 19:08, 7 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Punjabi Wiki Workshop Chandigarh 16-17 October 2015[edit]

This is with regard to Grants:PEG/Satdeep Gill/Punjabi Wiki Workshop Chandigarh. We would like to make some changes in the project budget.

  1. Conference hall for two days has been booked at 7,000 rupees
  2. We would like to have confirmation to buy some notebooks, pens and some other stationary for the Workshop as people would like to note a few things.
  3. We are not requesting to increase the grant amount. We are sure we will manage well with the current budget. We would just like to make a few changes regarding which things we can buy with that. --Satdeep Gill (talk) 14:46, 9 October 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]