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Hi Salvador and the WMMX team. Thank you for this detailed report.

  1. It's great to hear that the Editatona's have been such a success. Are you seeing the same people come to multiple events? How have advertised or recruited for participants? Was it relatively easy to establish your partnerships or were there challenges? It would be great to have these details to share with the community.
  2. WMMX has done a great job finding aligned organizations with whom to partner with and host ediathons. We also really appreciate your thorough event documentation, such as for the Wikipedia loves the cinema editathon.
  3. It would be helpful to have more information about the education program work done in the last months. We realize you are currently working on the report from ITAM. Can you give us some basic numbers -- how many classrooms, how many students participated, amount of content, number of returning professors?
  4. The videos are awesome!
  5. We're very happy to hear that you have been able to manage the demands of both the programs and Wikimania planning so far. It's safe to assume that this will ramp up even more the coming weeks and hopefully you can maintain sustainability for the volunteers. We understand if other programs get postponed or canceled if needed.
  6. In terms of the increased bank fees, in your next request you can estimate these and add them to your budget. You can also request to use underspent funds to cover these costs this year.
  7. Teaching volunteers about the value of reporting is a process and takes time. Setting up easy and clear guidelines for how to gather the important metrics for each event will go a long way in getting them to do it. If you need any guidance on this, please let us know.
  8. We understand there was a mistake in calculating the office and electricity costs. Can you please let us know the exact amount you are still needing to see you through the end of the grant?
  9. It sounds like there will be some delay in completing some of the projects, due to the late approval/payment of the grant. Please keep us updated on your activities and post a request for a grant extension before the current grant completion date.

Thanks again for this complete report. We're excited about everything WMMX has accomplished and your plans for the future! Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 21:28, 4 June 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for reading and for the feedback. I'm answering number by number:

  1. There are a core of around 6 women that has been present in both editatonas. Some of them are attending also to other events as workshops. The advertisement was through social webs mainly, but the people was recruited also through the organizations that partner us and that also work with Gender Gap (Social TIC, Ímpetu A.C, Mujeres Construyendo, La Sandía Digital, Luchadoras TV y Dominemos las TICs). The partnership was relatively eassy, we have a long story of coincidences with such organizations, we are invited to same events, we face similar changes in the country and the idea raised itself.
    The real challenges were related to public image and feedback we received from the event. That's quite an interesting story: The event was based in a positive discrimination model (Ivan attended only to support and to document the event but he hadn't any main role) and many people critized through Twitter such decision, they called us "radicals" and thinks alike. There is an testimony about this in an interview here unfortunaely is in Spanish. I'm collecting all the data and info (it's a lot) to create a report similar to Cineteca's.
    Many attendees were also hard-wing feminists and it was a challenge to explain them the Neutral Point of View rule and Enciclopedic Relevance.
  2. Yes. I will work to collect that info and present it after every event. I'm thinking in create a brief report with the most important of our partners and our story with every one.
  3. Sure! I'm pleased to do it. Thre professor (woman) Luz María had 2 classrooms this term. Se didn't work with Education Wikipedia tool, because she considered complicated, nevertheless she created a register by her own in a subpage on Wikipedia. You can watch it here. The general data is:

    – 58 students (28/28)
    – They created or improved significantly 61 articles.
    – They did 525 edits
    – According to Wikimetrics, they added 609,722 bytes.

    The teacher is a returning one, she has been working with us since 2013. I'm working on recovering the data from past terms. I'm in contact with WEP staff Floor Kuridjis and Anda Koval. I shared with them this (and other) stats 2 weeks ago. I had problems with Wikimetrics during last weeks, I reported it in the mailing lists. It seems it already runs. So, I will complete the info.
  4. Thank you! More coming soon.
  5. Yes. Thank you for the undestanding. Certainly, we will focus our efforts in Wikimanía in the next 2 months.
  6. OK. The bank fees issue is another lesson learned. I will calculated them and adjust the current and next year budgets. We are saving in some items I think we will opt for using underspent funds.
  7. Truly is a slow work. Anyway we are observing changes. The point is only to create discipline and insist on.
  8. The final cost of leisure was $99,369.4 (we paid the whole year in advance to get a better price). It would be great to get the price of the electrical and internet services for one year. That means $4,200 for getting electrical service and $4,800 for internet. Finally, we want to have an amount for unforeseen maintenance or cosmetic changes (we already painted but we refer to similar details).
    So, we ask for changing the item of Office Rental to the new amount of $115,970 MXN (which means 43,969.4 MXN extra than calculated in original grant).
  9. Sure, we will be in contact. Salvador (talk) 02:37, 8 June 2015 (UTC)