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Follow-up questions and approval of midpoint report[edit]

Hello Dewi, Tri and Anjar,

Thank you for being on the call yesterday. It was so lovely to connect.

Thanks for confirming your submission on Fluxx

The midpoint report and summary that you provided were very detailed and meaningful to develop a further understanding of your progress. Congratulations on the efforts that you have put in and results that you have achieved speaks for itself.

  • Could you elaborate more on the approach to assessing the accuracy of data input for both OSM and Wikidata? Were there differences across the activities?

  • Through the data collected, were there trends about the level of contribution or accuracy of data input and how it varies for people who attended the socialization/ training sessions (partial; full and the pre/post test results) and those who did not; and those who joined the mini competition etc? What did you observe?

  • Apart from running the training, edit-a-thons and mini competition, what type of support did the participants need to fully engage/ learn and participate? I think you spoke about online/messaging group support etc. Could you elaborate more? What level of resource support was needed?

  • This is what I gathered from the data submitted: Reach (6401 impressions) -> 345 people and joined in the training (i.e. socialisation)  (and this data is connected to the pre/ post test?) -> 182 people participated in the edit-a-thons -> A total of 60 Participants register and involve in the mini-competition -> total new contributors in WikiData 322 people and OSM 343 people (and this data is related to the number of new accounts?)
    • Total contribution from training, edit-a-thons and mini contribution:
      • 81403 buildings and 1416 GLAM objects mapped in OSM.
      • More than 800 GLAM objects were added to OSM 97 GLAM items were added, and 141 GLAM items were edited on Wikidata
      • More than 2000 edits have been recorded during the competition for the WikiData platform.
    • Would the above be correct?
    • If you look at the sample document shared earlier, are you able to further disaggregate the data (see page 10-13 for examples) from the above categories?

  • The social media outreach findings are very comprehensive.

  • We observed that there were external partnerships that were established as a result of your outreach.
    • Collaborating with 10 universities by provinces in Indonesia, any background academic with different department and concern -> We have 2 universities that are interested in creating MoU through the program.
    • Could you share more about what the latter means and why this is valuable?

JChen (WMF) (talk) 10:17, 19 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Hello Dewi, Tri and Anjar,
Thank you for your responses to the questions -
Your revised budget, and plans have been approved.
Thank you.
Jacqueline JChen (WMF) (talk) 06:26, 3 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]