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Not funded[edit]

Hello J ansari, thanks for submitting this Rapid Fund request. The South Asia funds regional team has reviewed your application and we decided to not fund your grant request. Here are the main reasons for our decision.

  • Per the Rapid Fund guidelines, we fund projects that are for future and planned work. However, it seems that your project has already started and you already have some outcomes. If this is a separate project, it isn't clear from the proposal submitted.
  • The project goal described in the application is broad and goes beyond the project scope. Described activities are not clear and it is challenging to understand the connection between activities and their overall impact.
  • Details of activities and alignment with the budget is not clear. For example, it is not clear why it is needed to run 12 photo walks with 30 participants in each photowalk. Or what is the need to run an awareness event with 100 students and cover travel expenses of 130 individuals.
  • We request that projects are communicated and discussed with all relevant community members and groups, especially on-wiki. However, we did not observe sufficient engagement with relevant communities.
  • Our general recommendation is to focus on one type of activity by defining a clear goal and expected outcomes. It is also important to have a clear action plan with an aligned budget.

We are sorry to inform you about this decision but we encourage you to work on the recommended aspects and re-apply. Thanks again for your work for the movement.