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Overall Positive Feedback[edit]

It is good to see this level of cross-community collaboration and especially encouraging to see that this is meant to be the beginning (Phase 1) of a larger initiative towards initiating the setting up of sustainable support structures. The project's goal is clear: to reduce the skills gaps within WikiFranca by empowering small and young WikiFranca communities members. Having a better understanding of the skills landscape is an initiative discussed as a need by others during Movement Strategy, so this project plan touches on something truly relevant.

In addition, a deeper understanding of the skills gaps in the French-speaking community could serve as a helpful model to other communities interested in understanding the skills gaps of their community; it can also serve as piece of the global skills mapping efforts. YPam (WMF) (talk) 11:08, 24 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Feedback For Improvement[edit]

While the application is clear about the overarching goals of the project, it is vague on the critical details of the project. For instance, the application highlights that this is the “initial development of WikiFranca.” but what are the next steps? and How does this fit into the long term strategy? Some details regarding this would be helpful.

Project activities

The following questions are related to the "project activities" section of the application and will be great if the project team is able to add details regarding these.

  • Onboard WikiFranca representatives on the project
    • Who are these representatives and what are their numbers?
    • How will this be successfully measured and what (if any) on-boarding tools or tactics will be used to get the buy-in of the representatives to the project
    • What are the foreseeable blockers and how will the project team address those?
  • Design the questionnaire, interviews, workshops collect data and analyze them
    • In what sequence will these activities be happening and what will be done specifically. What are the expected outputs for each of these activities mentioned
    • What methods will be used for the collection of data and for the interviews?
    • How will success be measured here and/or what would be considered success in doing this?
  • List and prioritize the community needs
    • How will this be done specifically?
    • What are the goals / objectives of this activity?
  • Write and foster translation of the final report
    • How many language translations?
    • Which languages and why?
  • Share the report with the WikiFranca communities and the wikimedia ecosystem (meta)
    • Why is this specific channel chosen?
    • Previous communications mentioned more channels. Some rationale for the channels chosen would be important.
  • Set up a first basic website for and publish our study results on it
    • Great! When will this be done?
    • Also what content will be on the site (i.e. what is considered basic here?)

The project plan

Some clarity regarding the project planning is important for the project team to highlight.

  • Timelines: The timeline to carry out the project, which includes many activities – team convening, creation of interview/survey materials, outreach, conducting research, analyzing research, writing a report, and more – do not seem feasible in the course of 3 months. Capturing and analyzing results alone, could easily take more than half of this time.
  • Leveraging existing processes and data: Is the project team aware of other skills mapping projects to learn from their opportunities, challenges and pitfalls? In addition, will this project be happening within communities that aren't already analyzed, or building on previous analysis in some way?
  • Project team: Please provide details regarding the specific group of people who will be directly responsible for delivering on this project. It will be important to provide details regarding the individuals and their specific roles on the project. E.g. who is leading on project management, who is leading on the data collection and so on. The core team will need to be highlighted.


The project team needs to provide additional details for clarity regarding the project budget

  • Please consider including details regarding how much time will be spent on each activity for more rationale on the figures stated.
  • The application details to host 3 workshops, 25 interviews and 2 conversation hours while utilizing a survey. The budget does not appear to be commensurate to the project planned as the data to be collected seems small in comparison to what the project team projects to spend.

YPam (WMF) (talk) 11:11, 24 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]