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Hi User:Chicocvenancio User:Teles User:Lechatjaune User:Ixocactus and team. Thank you for your work on this project! It’s fantastic to see what a success the User Group meeting was and the usefulness of the workshops.

We have a few remaining questions/comments and look forward to hearing your response:

  1. Do you feel more familiar with the Outreach dashboard? What tools helped make it more familiar and gave you the knowledge to use it?
  2. How do you plan on involving Brazilian universities in your work in the future?

As mentioned in an earlier email, you have leftover funds that you plan on using. Please look here if you plan to reallocate, otherwise please send back the remaining funds at your earliest convenience. We will be able to accept your report after we receive your request.
Thank you again for all your work. Best, --SMalik (WMF) (talk)

@SMalik (WMF): Thanks for your questions. Let me be the first user to reply.
  • Wiki Edu director LiAnna Davis, who came to Brazil with a grant we have secured from a local foundation, has provided us an informal training about how to use the OD. And I have already been using it, as you can see here for the education campaign and the outreach campaign I run. I have added to the OD previous and current programs. An interesting aspect of this tool is that it provides an international comparison basis for our work; so it was a big surprise to realize the campaigns I have run rank among the largest in terms of articles created and words added in the world. The OD has features that makes it more appropriate for education and outreach programs than the Education Extension, that I had been using, such as the capacity to keep track of students' activities on real time and the easiness to have a general sense of impact. I have found some bugs and have come up with suggestions to improve the tool, that I have submitted to the team that is developing the OD. I have also made a statement to the WMF education team, as I believe important features --that are already available on the platform to North America-- should be made available asap to the global community. A major problem, IMHO, is the fact that, differently from the Extension, there is no automatic tag associated to students' accounts identifying them as members in an education program. Just to emphasize: training with LiAnna Davis was key to be able to use this tool. I believe I would be able to provide training now, if there is a circumstance in which this would be necessary.
  • Three of our user group are college professors: Lechatjaune, Ixocactus and myself. We had activities in at least 7 universities last year, including the three most important education programs in Brazil. So, a first challenge --and a first piece in the answer to your question-- is to sustain what we have already been doing. A second challenge is to be able to foster and stimulate a Brazilian community of college professors who assign activities associated to the Wikimedia projects. We have had a growing outreach activity and have become a reference point for educators, especially because of resources we have helped producing[1][2], conferences at universities and scientific meetings and our website that has had continuing publications on educational uses of Wikipedia. We have also been able to secure funding for three Wikipedians-in-residence (all allocated at the best university in Brazil) and five student workers, who have been active in GLAM initiatives with museum universities. I think the report LiAnna Davis wrote about her visit to Brazil is informative.
I hope these points I have brought up have contributed to answering your questions/comments. On the question about remaining funding, Sturm should get in touch by email soon. "User:Chicocvenancio User:Teles User:Lechatjaune User:Ixocactus and team" feel free to add your perspective to what I have already written. And of course, SMalik (WMF), do not hesitate to send more questions! --Joalpe (talk) 03:13, 3 May 2017 (UTC)

Hi User:Chicocvenancio User:Teles User:Lechatjaune User:Ixocactus and team. Your report has been accepted, congratulations! Please note however, that you will not be able to apply for another grant until remaining funds have been reallocated or sent back. Please email grantsadmin@wikimedia at your earliest convenience to let us know. Warm Regards, --SMalik (WMF) (talk) 00:00, 12 May 2017 (UTC)