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This page documents a process common to all or most of WMF's grants programs. Please don't edit this page, but please do leave a comment on the discussion page instead.

Purpose and background[edit]

Remaining funds must be returned according to the instructions in your grant agreement. Please consult your grant agreement for details specific to your grant and your program. Grantees are responsible for any legal or regulatory requirements associated with returning grant funds and should make sure they are able to return any remaining grant funds or make other appropriate arrangements to ensure that they can return funds before receiving any funds.

At the time the final report for a grant is submitted, please report the total amount spent and the total amount remaining to WMF along with the details of your grant expenses. Remaining funds include (1) any funds not used to do the grant (for example, if your project was achieved under budget or some expenses were not needed), (2) any funds not spent on approved expenses or in line with the purposes outlined in each grantee's agreement, (3) funds that are not sufficiently documented or reported on by the grantee, (4) funds for a grant that has been cancelled, (5) funds that need to be returned by WMF in the event that a grant is terminated, (6) any other funds to be returned as requested by WMF.

Remaining funds under US$20 or its equivalent in another currency do not need to be returned if the cost of returning funds is greater than the amount of funds remaining. You may use these funds for mission-aligned purposes without requesting reallocation, although you do not need to submit a report.

If remaining funds are not (1) returned, (2) reallocated to approved mission-aligned activities or (3) retained with WMF's explicit written permission, the grantee will be out of compliance with program requirements and will not be eligible to receive future grants through any WMF program. This non-compliance may also affect grants a specific individual is involved with in another capacity or role. WMF may also take necessary steps to recover remaining grant funds.

How to return remaining funds[edit]

Grantees may have several options for returning remaining funds.

  1. Return to WMF: Please return remaining funds to WMF according to the instructions here and notify WMF.
  2. Request to use funds for other mission-aligned activities: This option is only available for funds remaining from Rapid Grants. See instructions below.
  3. Retain with permission:In some cases, remaining funds may be retained by the grantee with WMF's permission for up to 21 days until they may be deducted from a scheduled disbursement of an approved grant, to save on transaction fees. In most cases, the grantee will need to have the other grant request already open or approved at the time the report is submitted in order to retain funds. This option is only available if you request and receive written permission from WMF to retain the funds. At the time the request to retain funds is approved, WMF will inform you of the amount of time you may retain the funds and under what circumstances you may retain them.
  4. Transfer to a third party: In rare cases, WMF and the grantee may agree to transfer remaining funds to a third party or to retain the funds for the purpose of an upcoming transfer to a third party. In this case, WMF will help the grantee document the funds transfer to show that the funds have been returned.

Request to use remaining Rapid Grant funds for other mission-aligned activities[edit]

If you have remaining funds from a grant through the Rapid Grants program, you may submit a request to use these funds for other approved mission-aligned activities instead of returning them to WMF.

To request to use remaining funds for other mission-aligned activities, please post a message on the discussion page of your grant report:

  1. A budget outlining how the remaining funds will be used, including the total amount of remaining funds you will use for your activities.
  2. A brief description of the mission-aligned activities you will do with the funds and an explanation about how these activities are related to the Wikimedia mission.
  3. Please include a start date and a completion date for your activities. The start date and completion date should each include a day month, and year.

WMF staff will either request a new grant proposal for the additional activities or approve a reallocation of funds under the current grant. Reporting requirements will be set based on the project scope.

If you have funds remaining from another type of grant, you will need to return the funds to WMF.