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Comments from I JethroBT (WMF)[edit]

Islahaddow and Anthere, thanks for your proposal. I am writing here to let you know you that the project has been accepted, and I just have a few comments:

  • First, apologies for the long wait in review. I note that today was intended to be your start date for this grant. Our team has been short-staffed and I have been away on parental leave until just recently.
  • Thank you for preparing a very thorough proposal. I applaud your plans and appreciate the work needed to consult with several entities in order to roll out an education program. The approach you've detailed here is measured, and looks to be an appropriate step given the success you've observed in the proof-of-concept work in South Africa. It is reassuring to see that one of your goals is to recruit organizations who will commit to ongoing collaboration, as this is an excellent way to ensure that this work continues beyond the scope of the grant itself.
  • Thank you also for detailing some of the other funding secured for this project.

I'll be following up by e-mail regarding a grant agreement. I very much look forward to seeing the outcomes of this outreach work and from the workshop event. I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) 23:23, 13 November 2017 (UTC)Reply

Request for extension of the project[edit]

I JethroBT (WMF), WJifar (WMF) and AWang (WMF)

Happy New Year ...! We have a request with regards to the Rapid Grant for the WAS Collaboratory. Two meetings were held in December last year as planned, but the third and final was not due to the end of year chaos at most of the educational organisations and schools that we had invited (our school year ends in the first weeks of December). Because of this, we would like to hold the final design thinking workshop in the first week of February - but, of course, this would mean extending the grant period. Is this possible?

Anthere This would then take the rapid grant end date to the 16th February 2018. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Islahaddow (talk) 09:42, 19 January 2018 (UTC)Reply

Hi Islahaddow. Thank you for the update. The extension is approved. The new end date is 16 February 2018. Your final report will be due 18 March 2018. Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 22:15, 19 January 2018 (UTC)Reply
Thank you Alex!! Will keep you posted of how things went. Islahaddow (talk) 14:27, 20 January 2018 (UTC)Reply
I JethroBT (WMF), WJifar (WMF) and AWang (WMF), unfortunately the venue that we use cannot do it before this time. We have tried to look for similar venues in the city - but cannot do it for the amount of money left in the budget. Please can we extend again to the 28th February to allow for availability? Islahaddow (talk) 09:15, 6 February 2018 (UTC)Reply
Hi Islahaddow. Yes, that is fine. Hope the venue is available then! The report will be due March 30, 2018. Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 18:09, 15 February 2018 (UTC)Reply
Thanks Alex! Will keep you updated! Islahaddow (talk) 11:18, 19 February 2018 (UTC)Reply